Tuesday, June 15, 2010

10 Ways To Reuse It: Old Bed Sheets

Am I the only one who has a cupboard full of lone flat sheets or sheets so worn out that they are only for the nights when some kid pukes and I need to change the bed 1o times? They are almost like socks, their mates are no where to be found. I'm sure they've just been ripped and I've thrown half of the set away hoping I'll come up for some good use for it's mate. Well if you find yourself in the same situation, here are some ideas to help you get some use out of those old sheets. And if you're cupboard isn't stocked, check out the thrift stores. With all these ideas, you're going to want to find some quick.

  1. Cut them up for a wealth of cleaning rags.
  2. Use as a drop cloth when working on painting or art projects.
  3. Cover the couch. Do you have a dog that you like to cuddle with at night but you don't like the hair? Throw a sheet over the couch and cuddle up.
  4. Make a cushy bed inside your dogs house.
  5. Make curtains. Slide a rod inside the pocket at the top of the sheet. You've just made no-sew curtains for a window or for a kids stage. You can even do this to make a decorative shower curtain.
  6. Make a beautiful old fashioned rag rug. Go here to find a no-sew tutorial and to see just how pretty these are.
  7. Keep on in your car for spontaneous picnics. They fold up small for easy storage too.
  8. Make this cute halter dress. Seriously! Take a look. I'd wear it.
  9. Ok, technically this is a dress made out of an old pillowcase but I couldn't resist showing you. I like the second picture with the flowers. Oh to have a littler girl to dress up again.
  10. Make several new pillowcases from one old set of sheets.
  11. Couldn't pass up showing you this. I'm drooling over this beautiful quilt made from vintage sheets. Yeah I know that's eleven but consider it a bonus.
For more great WFMW ideas go HERE.


Harper said...

A flat sheet also makes a great quilt backing (if you sew) or can be made into a multitude of cloth napkins or handkerchiefs (not flannel of jersey, of course).

Maria M said...

I thought of a few more things that I've done forever:
- Use top sheets for extra tablecloths for parties
- Cut old sheets into strips to tie up your tomato plants
- Let your kids use the really old ones for outside fort making, since it's okay if they nail through the corners!

Roxie700 said...

I learned to sew using old bed sheets. I made some new 'tops' that I wore with my shorts all summer. I was just 9 years old.

Also give an old sheet to a kid. Instant fun. Tents, dress up, monster etc.

I love the quilt made of old sheets. Very nice idea. I will have to give that one A+. Those are beautiful.

Mom2fur said...

I love that quilt! Can you imagine how soft it must be?

Candi said...

very beautiful ideas! I've been wanting to take an old crib sheet and turn it into a pillowcase dress for my daughter. They're way to easy not to try it! We also take sheets to the beach to sit on. The sand shakes out easier than a blanket or towel.

Anna @ Feminine Adventures said...

Great ideas! I just made a vintage nurse dress up outfit for my toddler's birthday out of an old curtain and old white sheet. They're wonderful!

Karen @ Abundance on a Dime said...

Old flannel sheets can be used to make reusable, super soft menstrual pads.

One thing I discovered this winter when my fitted flannel sheet bit the dust, is that a flat sheet works just fine in place of a fitted sheet! I had an extra flat flannel sheet left over from an old set and it actually stayed in place better than the old fitted sheet did - I just tucked it snugly around the mattress. Now I will be much more likely to buy those lonely flat sheets at the thrift store, knowing I can use them in place of fitted sheets :)

Ticia said...

We use ours for drop cloths for painting like you said. And picnics.

The Prudent Homemaker said...

I use sheets all the time! Bottom sheets always wear through faster.

A sheet is a LOT of fabric!

I've used 100% cotton sheets to make handkerchiefs. I've made curtains, and recently I lined a skirt with part of an old sheet.

I was recently given some old sheets from someone who was moving. There was some plaid flannel that I will be using to make pajamas for my boys for Christmas.

You can also size them down to make crib sheets.

Paul said...

Ugh the sheets just look too clean to do anything about it but change my own bed! I'm a grown man and I need as many sheets as I can because somehow I manage to mess nice things up .. I'm a guy what can I say?

Paul said...

Ugh the sheets just look too clean to do anything about it but change my own bed! I'm a grown man and I need as many sheets as I can because somehow I manage to mess nice things up .. I'm a guy what can I say?

momma-lana said...

I love the rag rug and plan to try that one. We have tons of old sheets in the closet and they are too good to throw but not good enough for regular use.

Anonymous said...

I made a pillow case dress for my daughter. They are cute! I have a neighbor who makes kitchen rugs out of sheets, she is going to show me how.

Mrs. B, a very peculiar person said...

Hi Gayle,

As always, I am loving all the frugal ideas and tips. We appreciate all your hard work and your eagerness to share with us.

Tenorlove said...

Another one: if you don't wish to do anything with them yourself, donate them to the local animal shelter. Same with blankets and towels.