Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Cheap Turkeys and Banana Ideas

I’m back and made it through Christmas with a 2-4 pound weight gain to show for it.


I just wanted to let you all know that now is the time to stock your freezer with meat. All those turkeys that went unsold during thanksgiving and Christmas will now be on sale for crazy-low prices. So make sure you grab one and stick it in your freezer for a nice dinner, great soups, and yummy casseroles through-out the year.

Another tip I have is the solution to yucky old bananas. I can only take so much banana bread before I never want to see it again. So my next solution is to peel the bananas, slice them into chunks and freeze them. Sometimes we make chocolate covered banana pops or we pull them out to make yummy shakes or smoothies.


Emily said...

I'm amazed that I hadn't thought of this! What a great idea for milkshakes. They're already chopped and easy for kids to toss in the blender. no knife involved.

and I'm right there with the weight gain. I'm gonna start my diet the day AFTER my trip to Vegas......

oh, did you hear that I'm going to Vegas baby?

Heather Kay said...

Glad your back! I love a banana smoothie...I freeze the banana's and add frozen raspberries and chocolate soy milk. Yum!!