Saturday, December 15, 2007

In The Words Of Gomer Pyle....Suh-Prahhz, Suh-Praahz, Suh-Prahhz

I went on my weekly shopping trip and broke my own cardinal rule….I took one of the kids with me.

So on top of the fact that I was distracted, I was also in a rush.

And on top of being in a rush, I tried a new store.

And on top of the new store, when I realized everything was priced above what I could get it at my regular discount stores, I was too lazy and too late to walk away and go where I knew I could get it cheaper.

So my shopping trip this week was over budget and very disorganized.

And I kicked myself for making such bad choices all the way home. In fact I wrestled with my lack of planning and a bit of panic at what I was going to create for meals out of the mish mash of groceries that I came home with.

I pulled into my garage and went in the back door of my house. (I always use the back door. I only go out the front to get the mail or answer a knock.)

We unloaded and I set up my purchases on the dining room table for my Grocery Cart Challenge picture.

And in a moment of distraction, I decided to turn on the Christmas lights on my front porch before my dinner guests arrived that night.

And when I opened my door, this is what was waiting for me on my front porch.

I was humbled, I was blessed, I was shocked, I was, YES, speechless, and I was happily puzzled because there was no note other than a decorative bag filled with gourmet chocolates, specialty teas, and a yummy lotion with a “Merry Christmas” banner across it.

And we’ve had fun guessing who it could have been and how they snuck up on us and, “Oh gosh, was it when I was yelling at the kids and could they hear it?” or “Was it when Chris was taking a nap on the couch right in the front window and you watched him snoring?”

We are blessed. We are thankful. We felt loved.

And you SO covered my hiney this week.


Kacie said...

How cool!

WendyDarling said...

Isn't God awesome?!! :-) How blessed you are indeed. :-)

BTW, I posted something about Angel Food ministries on my blog that may help you out with the grocery bill. It sure helps us!! :-)

carrie said...

That's great. It's happened to us before and it's such a blessing. I almost cried looking at that picture, because when it happened to us it was a desperate time and God is so good.

Rebecca said...

What a blessing!