Sunday, February 10, 2008

What Gets Used, Must Be Replaced

So….I learned something over the past week.

If you use up everything in your cupboards, you just have to replace it later.

Sure, it was nice to stretch my budget for the week and use up what was there. And there was a lot more there than I thought. But when the time came to go grocery shopping again I ended up spending my $50 dollars for the current week and another $50 to stock back up on all the things I used up….flour, sugar, butter, eggs, canned goods.

So if you need to put off your grocery shopping, using up what you have is a great idea. If you’re hoping to completely omit that weeks worth of groceries, well, that just isn’t the way it works.

I did have a thrilling shopping experience. Through my friends Emily and Laura I heard about a great bargain that Sara Lee Foods coupled with Safeway had this week. (Sorry, it ended today.) If you purchased 5 Sara Lee brand items (Hillshire farms, ball park, and some other brands owned by the parent company) for $10 or more you got an extra $10 off store coupon at participating Safeway stores….which you could use again to purchase another 5 items, pay for it with your $10 coupon, and continue on and on and on.

And I tried it…and it worked. The only things I could find that equaled exactly $10 were lunchmeat so once I paid my first $10 I just kept going back again and again and got all the lunchmeat FREE! Sometimes I would buy things that cost more than the $10 so my coupon would just be a huge discount rather than truly FREE items. I ended up spending $42 and getting $122 worth of products in my freezer. Things like Jimmy Dean Sausage, Bagels, Lunchmeat, lil Smokies, and hot dogs. I used my last $10 coupon (I could have gone on forever but was starting to feel a little guilty by that time) for milk, hair gel, deoderant and polish remover.

I can’t tell you how thrilled I was!

Did anybody else get to take advantage of this sale?


MOMMY said...

Great deal!!!!! Just think how many yummy meals you can make with all of that sausage!

I love to empty out the freezer and pantry then do a huge shopping trip to stock up again, I really am addicted to grocery shopping! LOL

Emily said...

Wasn't that an awesome deal? I didn't mind spending more than the 2/4$ hotdogs. It was stil like someone handed me a $10bill after I shopped. VERY cool.

FunkyMonkeyJunk said...

Why feel guilty??? They didn't stipulate any restrictions and they obviously know there are people that will maximize the benefits of it or they WOULD stipulate tougher restrictions! I call it playing a game with no rules to your advantage. I wish I'd known. I would have done the same thing if I'd known about it! :-(

duckygirl said...

That was a great deal, I can't wait to find another :) Hopefully you had a nice and courteous cashier...mine wasn't so happy to be giving me this coupon on multiple transactions, but whatever!


mykidsmom said...

Now you tell us....LoL! What a deal!

Sharon-Momn4boys said...

Alas I went shopping the day before I heard about this and another trip to town was not an option.... maybe I'll catch the next one.