Monday, May 19, 2008

Yes, You Can Have It All

Ok, I admit, I love a good French pedicure. In fact it is a close second to chocolate for me. And chocolate is as important as breathing.

But when our finances became tight, salon pedicures were the first thing to go. So I had to either figure out how to do it myself or go without.

So into my grocery budget (which covers food, household items, toiletries, cleaning supplies, and cosmetics) I began to make room for drugstore french manicure kits.

My first trip I tried the stickers that you tape on your nails so you can paint nice straight white lines.

Ha, what a joke. If I can’t keep the taped off stripes on my painted walls from bleeding through, I’m sure not going to do a good job on my teeny, tiny, very far away, must-be-a contortionist-to-reach-them toenails.

My next trip I got a small bristled paint brush and thought I could just soak it in polish remover and straighten out my lines that way.

I realized I must have early onset Parkinson’s because my hands would not hold still.

But finally I came to this little gem.

Sally Hansens has this amazing product that comes with three items; a base coat, a fancy little white pen, and the creamy translucent top coat.

And, By George, I think I got it.

It’s that little white pen that is the mini-miracle. It’s kind of like those paint pens that you have to shake and then push the tip down to load it. And it paints a nice little straight line, right across my piggies.

I went from a $40 salon visit every few weeks, to a $10 Sally Hansen 5 Minute French Manicure Kit that has lasted for 5 home pedicures and is still going strong.

And I’m really hoping the pedicure fairies at Sally Hansen notice this endorsement and send me a years supply.


Tiff said...

I'm going to have to try that!! I'm like you and my hands shake something aweful trying to put on the white tips!

Leanne said...

I'm running out to get one right now, then after I soak/scrub my feet in my Foot Spa, I will give myself a nice little manicure Francais!!

Are those really your own toes?

You did a great job!

And you have cute feet!


Lisa said...

Wow! That is so clever! I will go look for it.

I love chocolate, too - that's why I had to include it in my blog name!

Stretch Mark Mama said...

That is so cute! I never paint my nails (and they always look bad), but wow! Well done!

Halfmoon Girl said...

My feet need TLC. I never thought I would be considering a french manicure for my toes, let alone doing it myself, but you make it sound so easy. It looks fabulous too. I absolutely think that Sally should give you some free product for such a great endorsement!

Anonymous said...

Wow I'm hitting up Wal-Mart ASAP for some Sally Hansen! Thanks so much for the tip, your foot looks fabuolous.

Melissa said...

I'm going to have to try that. I just discovered the pedegg (bought mine at Walgreens - Walmart has them too). It was $10 and works better than anything I've ever tried to smooth my feet out. Another miracle. I think with both these products I could be wearing sandals proudly this summer!

jewlsntexas said...

That is totally awesome!
I am going to have to look for that baby! I NEVER do french manicures for the same reason you mentioned.

Now where are some hints for how to hide that puppy from the teenage girls that pillage and consume all beauty products in this house!?

(which is why I'm drab and they're fab - yeah - let's blame it on that!)

duckygirl said...

So is this only for feet or does it work well on hands too? I'm really going to try this!


Anonymous said...

They should definitely send you a year supply! I will be trying this too!

Heather Kay

Amanda said...

I love this idea! Due to limited feeling in my feet, I have concerns about having pedicures done at the spa. I spoke to another lady with a similar condition once who nearly had to have her foot amputated when a careless spa employee rubbed a hole in her foot. Anyhoo, this is a great idea for that fresh from the spa look without the expense or the danger. Thanks!

Duckygirl said...

I bought one and tried it, LOVE it! I can only use it for feet though since I'm not talented enough to use my left hand to do my right hand well. :(

I'd post a photo but your toes are much cuter than mine!

glenda said...

Love it! My son's teacher had school had her toes looking just like this today. I was thinking how I would love it but no way could I afford a french pedi. I'm wondering if she did it herself.

gail said...

oh girl, you and me both. i miss my pedicures. i think its that whole being pampered and a princess for an hour that does it for me. plus they make my feet look good.

i've been going without now for far too long. i'm going to have to check into that sally hansen stuff. your piggies look great!

and i think the company should send you a year supply too.