Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coming This Friday!

Well it seems that a recipe swap on Fridays is in order. So here's the heads-up. This Friday I'm putting up Mr. Linky and we'll each talk about our favorite frugal DINNER RECIPE! So go through your recipe files and pull out your favorite thrifty dinner. The one you use when cash is tight or it's the last day before you grocery shop. You know which one I'm talkin' about!

Then we'll spread the frugal luv!

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Lorie said...

I had this recipe all picked out but it was a dessert, hmm guess I will have to go look for something else. I vowed this year only to post healthy recipes on my blogs since I am doing Weight Watchers. I have lost 61 pounds this year! That seems to be my problem, finding healthy recipes that fit into my eating plan and ones that are Thrifty and Frugal. So, we will see what I come up withylf.
Also, I have an award at my blog for you. Thanks for all of your inspirational post!