Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hungry Planet - Must Read!

My sister recommended a book to me called Hungry Planet so I picked up a copy and haven't put it down since.

It's a study of what families are eating all over the world and it represents families on all the continents. The authors traveled to all of these people's homes, went shopping with them for one weeks worth of groceries and then took photos of the families next to their weeks supply of food.

Then, as if that wasn't interesting enough, they break down the cost of each item and the overall weekly expenditure, include authentic recipes and explain the culture and lifestyle of each family.

I've been glued to it for days.

Some people in the book spend an average of US $350 A WEEK!

Wow, that sounds dreamy and fattening.

So if you're interested, pick up a copy. If you check my sidebar under "I Recommend" I've got a link to it on Amazon at a discount.

And don't forget tomorrow's recipe swap!!!


Miriam said...

Cool! I have to return the Tightwad Gazette to the Library on Monday, I will definitly check to see if they have this one!

The Domestic Goddess said...

I borrowed a copy from my library and loved it so much I bought a copy. I thought the chart in the back was interesting(# of McDonald's in each country). As a result of reading this book, the family tried a "Potato Week", nothing but a baked potato with butter for dinner for an entire week. Made the kids a lot more appreciative of living in the US.

justjuls said...

This is one of my favorite books - Peter Menzel also did Material World and Women of the Material World. Here was a neat link I found about it -,29307,1626519,00.html

Halfmoon Girl said...

I know that book- it is so cool. Very interesting and eye opening.

Michele said...

There was an exhibit like this at the Oregon History Museum in Portland. (I'm not sure if it is still on display or not.) We went on free admission day, and loved it! :)