Sunday, December 21, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Here we are, only days until Christmas. My kids are so antsy with anticipation it's just crazy around here. I'm guest posting over at $5 dinners today (Monday, 5:30 EST) so you can catch me over there. Here's my plan for the week.


Oats with raisins and brown sugar
Pancakes from the freezer
Breakfast in a hurry (no bacon) and fruit
Toast and fruit (quick breaky before we head out for Christmas morning)
French Toast
Oatmeal with apples and cinamon


Nacho's and soda pop (christmas eve at home with just our family)
Christmas Day Potluck - Salmon Dip, Rolls
Broccoli Quiche and sliced pears
Toasted Tuna Sandwiches and pickles


ahorne said...

Oooohhh - I love your Christmas Eve dinner - sounds like something my guys would love too!!!

Joanna said...

You're my inspiration to get the move-on with my menu planning... thanks!

teachingtinytots said...

i love Quiche!

baumbe said...

Hope your shopping trip went well. There is a lot of snow out there! (local blog follower)

Jenean said...

Yummm! Think I'll serve quiche one day next week while my mom is still here.

Heather Benza said...

So the pancakes from the freezer---do you just make up extra and freeze them? How do you cook them so they don't get soggy? My family would love to have pancakes way more frequently than I would love to make them--this sounds like a good solution.