Monday, February 9, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

Woowee! Found some good deals this week and Thank God! One of my cheapest local liquidators decided to start selling produce at rock bottom prices so I totally cashed in. My shopping trip wasn't near as tragic as I thought it was going to be. I learned to prioritize my necessities better and to use my creativity to the extreme. Good things to learn, right?

12 apples $3.00
4 bunches of organic bananas $1.00
Cornbread stuffing $.49
13 cans veggies and beans $4.89
2 onions $.50

5 loaves of bread $4.70
1 bag of bagels $.99

Plain yogurt $1.68
Paper Plates $1.53
2 1/2 lbs bulk sugar $1.14
5 dozen eggs $6.69
2 boxes margarine $1.56
Tub of margarine $.68
3 envelopes of Ranch Dressing $1.29
Paper bowls $1.99
Cheddar Cheese $1.66
10 lbs potatoes $2.48

Grand Total $36.54
The bananas were pretty ripe. We'll get to eat some now and the rest will either be frozen for smoothies or made into banana chips. I'll use the yogurt I bought as starter to make some batches of my own this week. It will make quite a bit since it only takes a small amount of starter to make a large batch of homemade yogurt.
So how did your trip go this week?


Janelle said...

As IF any of your loyal readers had any doubt you could do it!!!
:-) I can't believe you are feeding! I don't think I KNOW that many people! lol

Gayle said...

Well, don't be too impressed about the number of people. All but 6 are kids under 14 and I'm not the only one making food. Wouldn't want you to think I was Wonder Woman or anything.

Terri and Bob said...

I already think you are Wonder Woman. This week proved it!

Monkey Momma said...

I am totally loving the weekly trip challenge. I'm making it a game now and it's actually fun! I'm also playing another game called, "Dont Use Your ATM Card". How many days can I go without using my debit between my weekly grocery trips. :-)

Sarah @ this Beautiful Mess said...

I think it's awesome how the Lord provided! You totally rock getting all of that for under 38 smacks!

Way to go!

Cookingmama said...

Yeah...these are fun to see! I bought too much junk but am thrilled at my savings.

Pickles In My Shoe said...

Awesome about the liquidator having produce now! S-N-S?

Cyndi's Re-Creations said...

Hi have you already posted on making your own yogurt? I could not find it.
Thanks Cyndi

km said...

I also LOVE having bananas in the freezer for banana bread or banana cake. Looks like you SCORED!

Gayle said...

Here's the homemade yogurt tutorial. For a thicker yogurt I add 1/4 cup more of powdered milk and I prefer to incubate while it sets on my heating pad and I have a pot over the top of the yogurt jar to form a little warmer oven.

Jill said...

You amaze me! I love, love, love how dedicated to your family you are! I find it all terribly exciting :) Thank you for taking the time to share this all with us.


Ruth Saves $ said...

I just found your site, and I absolutely love it! I'm obssessed with saving money at the grocery store, and it's fun networking with others who feel the same way, and aren't afraid to brag about their successes!

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Knew you could do it. Didn't even sweat it for a minute. Do I think -I- could do it? Probably not. You have reached the black belt zen level of shopping that I have yet to achieve. And all without coupons.

___Super Mom!!!!______

Cyndi's Re-Creations said...

Gayle Thanks for much for the link to the homemade yogurt post. I can't wait to try it!!!

Halfmoon Girl said...

again, you never fail to amaze me! good job.

Kate said...

This is SO GREAT! More people need to do this...there would be less fighting over family finances! LOL Are there any "budgeters" from the Prairie Provinces of Canada out there? It's tough to get those really good deals here (no double coupon days, very few liquidation places) so we really need to chat it up and share our secrets!

Rachel said...

Nice deal on the fruit!!