Monday, March 2, 2009

GCC Shopping Round Up

I hit the produce jackpot this week. S & S had some amazing deals.

S & S Liquidators

5 apples $1.00
Carton of organic beef broth $.79
2 vanilla soymilk $.98
4 kids snacks $.50
6 heads of garlic $1.00
5 roma tomatoes $1.00
bunch of bananas $.79
2 boxes of pasta $1.48
bag of grapes $.79
15 lbs potatoes $1.99
2 cans green chilis $.98
17 cans of veggies $6.63

Franz Bread Store

5 loaves of bread $4.70

Grocery Outlet
Corn Tortillas $3.79
2 tubs of cottage cheese $3.78
sour cream $1.29
disposable foil pan $1.49
4 double rolls of TP $2.99
8 cups grated cheese blend $6.99
2 cups shredded white cheddar $1.99


5 dozen eggs $6.18
1/4 lb bulk chili powder $.57
1/8 lb bulk coconut $.17
1/2 lb bulk powdered milk $1.41
Worcestershire sauce $1.13
2 boxes of margarine $1.46
Frozen O.J. $.98
Gallon Milk $1.98

Grand Total $58.83
How did it go for you this week?
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Sarala said...

Oh where were those potatoes when I was at S+S on Sunday? :) I thought I got a good deal on 15 lbs for 3.99 at Grocery Outlet! Bummer.

Anonymous said...

I shop at S & S and have never found produce. Is this new?
You readers should know if they haven't read in your blog, that
S & S, Grocery Outlet and Winco are withen a 1/2 mile radius of each other.


Gayle said...

Yep, produce at S & S is new. It's pretty amazing. Thanks for pointing out that I'm not traveling near and far to get my groceries. They really are just walking distance from each other.

Latte said...

Not sure what's up but when I go to your home page it's blank. The side bars are there but the middle has nothing. I had to click on something on the side bar to get to this blog page.

Well ANYwho kudo's on the great deals.


Sharyl said...

WOW! Great job. I am so envious that you have a grocery outlet. The closest for me is a 140 mile round trip so it is hard. Do get some good bulk items at our food co-op that are really priced right.

Thanks for sharing---love your blog and you have changed our family completely. The kids still could not believe I cooked waffles this morning. ahhahaha No more over priced cereal for us. Thanks Gayle.

Michele said...

I love this idea I will post next week when I shop! I thought the Food Stamp Challenge was another good idea then I realized I am already below the amount of $2.00 per person per day. I will see next week!

Kerri Bell said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and you have great stuff here! Was wondering if you could tell me how I can find out if I have any of these types of grocery stores in my area? I only know about the chains. How could I find out? Any help would be appreciated!

Gayle said...

Hi Kerri,

There's a search engine on the left sidebar and if you type in "Grocery Outlet Stores" you'll be able to find a post I did on how to find one in your area.

Hope that helps,


April said...

While I do not always stay under $60/week, I do try to save as much money as possible. I usually base my success by measuring my actual purchase price against my savings. Last week at Kroger I spent $38, but saved $68! For someone fairly new to this way of shopping I consider that a HUGE success!