Monday, March 23, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

I had someone ask me, "Why don't you plan your menu around current grocery deals?"

That's a really good question and here's my answer.

I DO plan around current grocery deals but it's usually a week or two in arrears. Let me explain. I plan my meals around what I already have on hand so that I only have to buy a few items to finish a dish. But I also keep my eyes open as I'm shopping for super deals that fit within my budget but can be used in the weeks to come. For example, this week I came upon a deal for ground turkey (which I prefer over hamburger). It was $.99 per lb so I managed to squeeze two pounds into my budget for this week and I'll put them in my freezer to be used later in the month.

So that's how I work around the current grocery deals and still stay within the budget AND the menu plan. To find out more about just HOW I do this you can start right here, here and then here.

S & S Liquidators

Crest Whitestrips $4.99
Wolfgang Pucks Veggie Broth $.79
2 cans beef broth $.78
8 Red Delicious apples $2.00
5 Roma Tomatoes $1.00
4 yellow onions $1.00
4 cream of chicken soup $2.36
4 tomato sauce $1.56
Aussie Sprunch Spray $1.99

Grocery Outlet

2 lbs ground turkey $1.98
2 lbs frozen tater tots $1.29
2 packs shredded mozzarella $3.98
2 packs shredded cheddar $3.98
Conditioner $1.99
4 double rolls of TP $2.99
3 lbs bananas $1.79
bag of spinach $1.99
sliced fresh mushrooms $1.79
cottage cheese $1.89
shredded Asiago $1.99


7 loaves of bread $6.68


5 dozen eggs $6.66
Frozen broccoli $.98
Gallon Milk $1.98
paper lunch sacks $.92
Bulk Arborio Rice $1.75
Bulk Equal packets $1.20

Grand Total $62.30

How was your shopping trip this week?


Simplelivin' said...

I love ground turkey too! It's much better for you also. I can't believe you found it for $.99/lb that is awesome!!!

crunchygypsyjenny said...

I see you bought crest whitening strips. We use peroxide (1 cap full) and water (1 cap full) pour in glass and then swish like mouthwash for as long as you can stand it. It will fizz in your mouth. After you spit, don't rinse and try to wait as long as possible before you eat or drink anything. We do this last thing before bed. I just bought a bottle of peroxide for less than a $1 at Walgreens. So much cheaper and enviromentally friendly!
Thanks, Jenny

colfin2002 said...

Thanks for such an inspiring site! I'm loving this and so excited to document my first shopping trip this week! And I did pretty well to stay within my budget!

Megan said...

Hi, that is how I do my menu plan also. I make my menu on what we already have. works great!!

I also nominated you for the Lemonade award. congrats!!

visit me at

I read you blog almost daily!! love it!!

Rebecca's Reality said...

I love all the tips and recipes here!
Your family must eat a LOT of eggs lol. Do you not find it cheaper to buy a 3lb. bag of apples than the loose ones?

Gayle said...

It just depends on what kind of deal I find. Although I like to buy my produce loose so I know I'm not buying bruised stuff.

Julia@SometimesLucid said...

I love ground turkey and am bummed I missed the deal we had last week :(