Monday, April 6, 2009

GCC Shopping Round Up

Someone mentioned in a comment that they would like to be able to see my pictures better so I'm trying something a little different this week. Tell me if you like it.


5 loaves bread $4.70

S & S Liquidators

12 rolls TP $4.99
2 bags of cookies $1.58
100 packets of Equal $1.99
6 pears $2.00
3 oranges $1.00
Can of coffee $2.99
9 apples $3.00
4 cans veggies $1.56
Cream of chicken soup $.49
Starbucks Coffee $3.49

Grocery Outlet

Mayo $1.49
2 lb Strawberry Yogurt $2.98
Bacon $1.99
Frozen Corn $.79
Olive Oil $4.99
2 lb Tater Tots $2.58
Syrup $1.79
2 cartons sour cream $1.00
Cottage Cheese $1.89


Gallon Milk $1.99
Bulk Cinnamon $.64
red onion $.33
Bulk Seasoning Salt $1.11
2lb cheddar cheese $3.98
2lb Monterrey jack cheese $3.98
Margarine $2.04
Broccoli $1.96
Bulk Oats $.55
5 dozen eggs $8.00
Hash browns $2.34
Tomato Paste $.48
orange juice $.98
Bananas $1.79

Grand Total $77.46 (gulp) Not my best week.

How did you do this week?

Please remember to link directly to your shopping post, not your homepage. That way readers can go right to your post and don't have to sift through your blog to find it.

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WJ said...

I think I really like the new layout of a photo per store. I can see the products better and it may make it more clear what you're going to each location for. Thanks for doing that--it does look like it's a little more work for you.

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Gayle, Don't be upset. You got a lot of groceries this week. Have you ever made your own pancake syrup? It's really easy.

Anita said...

Eggs at Kroger this week have been $1 for a dozen. I have been stocking up!

You can make your own syrup very inexpensively and with no yucky chemicals. Boil two cups of sugar and one cup water. Add a little vanilla and/or maple flavoring and you have a great hot syrup. Stir it well and be careful not to cook too long or it will boil. You can keep it in the fridge and just reheat any leftovers. We have been doing this for about 15 years now!

Gayle said...

I've actually extolled the virtues of homemade syrup on this blog before but I've noticed that when it cools in the container after using it, the sugar crystalizes into a hard as rock mess in the bottom that no reheating can seem to break up. So I got frustrated and began buying store bought again. Has this happened to anyone else?

Sarah @ this Beautiful Mess said...

Yeah, I'd like for you to take a picture of each individual item next time. Yeah, that's what I'd like to see. ;)


rachelg said...

You did great! Thanks again for starting this it has REALLY helped me focus on my grocery budget!

Monkey Momma said...

Okay, at the risk of sounding tacky, I'm really glad to know that this week I'm not the only that struggled with the budget. Mine could probably have been controlled better, but I just didn't have the where-with-all with a 19 month old in tow. I see now why you say don't take the kids with you. Lesson learned.

Missy said...

I like the new pic posting style...its easier to see how much you got at each store :)

Amy said...

I played for the first time this week.

I have a family of five (one newborn so only four of us eat) one of whom has a lot of allergies. Everything is from scratch which means that I can't use a lot of coupons cause they're for things we can't buy. Cooking from scratch can definitely save money, but when I have to use special flours, oils, etc, it can be pretty pricey.

Also, I'm so jealous of the coupon deals you're all able to get in the States. They don't do that in Canada.

Jenny's Vegcafe said...

Gayle, I don't keep my syrup in the fridge anymore. It never goes bad and the homemade stuff stays pourable.

Michelle said...

I like the new layout a lot...thank you for taking the time to do it!

Rachel said...

I like the new pic layout as well.

We used to boil our own syrup but never had it harden, I'm not sure what grandma's secret was!

Cindy in Ferndale said...

I really like the pictures and the amounts after. Easier to understand!
thank you

Cate said...

I like this better. It allows me to be much nosier. :-)

I can't believe your family goes through five loaves of bread a week!

John said...

Because of you, we drove to our nearest Winco (1 hour). I can see why you shop there. We'd shop there more if it were closer.

Because I was just there, when I bought eggs, I noticed that the 5 dozen eggs were more expensive than buying them individually. At least at our store they were .99 each and the clerk told me people were buying the 18 count a lot, so maybe that was even cheaper. We were shopping at the Puyullup store, so the price may have been different than yours. Just thought I'd mention it in case it helps.


Penny@WickedBroke said...

I like the group shots better then everything in one picture. Makes it easier to see the items.

We use to make "homemade" syrup when I was a kid. You just added some vanilla and maple extract to a bottle or light corn syrup and shake. All the kids would have to take turns tipping the bottle back and forth to get the extract to mix. I remember it always took a while.