Friday, May 8, 2009

Weekend Link Luv

I found a wonderful blog while cruising around the other day. This woman attempted to eat for a $1 per day. She has an interesting article on Tightwaddery in all it's forms that's worth a good read. You can find it here.

Ever wonder what happened to Amy Dacyczyn who authored the Tightwad Gazette? Go see a recent article here.

I remember being a kid and saying, "Mom can I have a dollar?" She'd answer back saying she didn't have any dollars and my answer, "Well, can't you just write a check?" I SO didn't get it. If your kids don't quite get it either here's a great article on explaining money to them by using four quarters. Pretty darn smart.


Melissa ~ Wife to 1, Mom to 5 said...

Thanks for the links! I've always admired Amy and wondered about her. It's nice to know she's still living the lifestyle that she promotes. I also was a devoted frugal follower, but just like she said, when the income went up, our frugality went out the window and here we are, trying to get back to the frugal ways. The difference now is that I approach it with joy instead of resentment. Being 15 years older, the I-want-itis is almost gone. Anyway, thanks for sharing. :D

Gloria said...

Thank U for sharing this article. I love the point made about how people she live constantly below there means so if you need to get by for 6mo's without a job you can. My husband and I can get by for 6 mo.s. I can thank my mom for teaching me to be frugal and to never feel the need to keep up with the Jones! I can tell you this Gayle my children are responsible, independent and understand the value of a dollar and I believe your children will as well.
When I see how people lavish themselves with expensive toys and their children I think to myself ow will these kids ever survive as aduts, and being psych nurse I saw the results daily.....teens and young adults now becoming instutionalize because they can't live independently. Sad but true.

Melissa said...

Thanks for the link on Amy - I have all three volumes of her book ( of course that I bought nearly 10 years ago). And yep, I was the kids who didn't understand money too. My mom got me a magnet once that said "I can't be broke, I still have checks". lol

CM said...

Hey Gayle! I love your blog, but I have a question/suggestion. I am a whole-hearted true believer in "You eat what I cook or you don't eat at all." rule. My kids eat just about anything, with just a few acceptions. I often look through the recipes you have listed and think that my kids either wouldn't eat it or my husband would wrinkle his nose. So what I was wondering is if you could either A) make a list for us of the recipes that you have made in the past that your kids loved or B)when you make a new recipe would you consider letting us all know if your family loved it or hated it!

Love you, love your blog!

Gayle said...


That's a really good idea. I'll consider doing that. The thing is, with six of us there is very seldom something that every kid likes. It happens occasionally but not very often.

Here's a link to an article on how I get my kids to eat this stuff.