Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

Seems I ran into almost everyone I knew today at the grocery stores. What started as a 1 1/2 hour shopping trip turned into nearly three hours. But I still managed to find some great prices.

18 large eggs $1.70
Gallon milk $1.98
Corn Syrup $1.88
pork sausage $2.28
Yogurt (for starter) $1.78
cottage cheese $1.23
Chicken breasts $5.42
Bananas $1.87
Broccoli $1.56
Bulk brown sugar $1.26
Bulk popcorn $1.78
margarine $.98
Eating apples $2.95
Mozzarella $1.58
Bulk oat bran $.10
Bulk chicken soup base $1.10
Bulk Cornmeal $.21
Bulk baking powder $.49
Bulk almonds $.40
Bulk cilantro $.08
Frozen orange juice $1.18
Salsa $1.48
2 lb carrots $.98

Franz Bread Outlet

5 loaves of bread $4.70

S & S Liquidators

18oz fresh blueberries $1.99
paper napkins $.99
6 kiwi $1.00
2 large cans marinara $1.00
6 cans black beans $1.50
4 large cooking apples $1.00
Equal $1.99

Grocery Outlet

4 double rolls TP $2.99
Lotion $1.99
Hairspray $1.99
Sour Cream $1.29
2 pkgs Spaghettini $1.98
Romano cheese $1.99

Grand Total $60.68

To see what I'm cooking up this week with theses groceries, go HERE.

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Anonymous said...

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Amy said...

Am I blind?? Where's Mr Linky?

Gayle said...

You're not blind. Sometimes when they are working on the Linky site it disappears from my blog. I'm thinking that's what happened but it always returns. Sorry about the inconvenience.

Jenni said...

I wish I had grocery stores like yours close by. The prices you get are wonderful!

noahandlylasmommi said...

You scored some awesome deals!

Anonymous said...

wow you spend a lot more on food than I thoght you would. I use coupons so that seems outragus to me. but great job!