Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

My favorite stores were having some amazing produce deals this week. As summer approaches and the weather gets warmer we rely a lot on fresh produce to feed us because it requires no cooking. And no cooking means I can keep my house cool. (Yeah, we have no air conditioning) Also when warm weather hits we eat lots of salads; green salad, pasta or rice salads, veggies marinated in a homemade balsamic dressing, and then just add bread to finish off the meal. During the winter my cheap meal is soup, during summers it's salads. And living in the climate challenged state of Washington I can easily be serving a winter soup meal and a summer salad meal in the same week.

So weird.

S & S Liquidators

Organic raspberry preserves $.99
100 packs Equal $.99
2 cartons of powdered milk $1.99 each $3.98
2 bunches bananas $1.00
8 kiwi $1.00
8 apples $1.00
1 avocado $.49
Ranch dressing $.99
Asian dressing $.49
5 roma tomatoes $1.00

Franz Bread Store

3 loaves country white
1 loaf blueberry struesel
1 loaf low-carb $4.70

Grocery Outlet

2 cans green beans $1.18
fresh cilantro $.44
Parmesan $1.99


Ketchup $1.98
half and half $1.28
Vanilla Ice Cream $2.18 (not pictured)
4 lbs ground beef $5.98
Chicken Breasts $5.68
Celery $.94
Bulk sliced almonds $.95
Bulk shredded coconut $.27
Margarine $.85
2 cucumber $.96
Bulk Rice Crispies $.72
2 limes $.44
Bulk dried cranberries $.79
Bulk soy beans $.75
Leaf lettuce $1.48
Bulk peanuts $1.58
Mango $.68
Pita Pocket Bread $1.68
Bulk brown sugar $1.04
5 dozen eggs $3.98

Grand Total 54.45
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Megan said...

I can't believe you can find big boxes of powdered milk for $1.99! not around here!

Looks like a great week!

Audrey said...

I don't have a full on shopping list, but Winco has ground turkey on sale for $1.58/lb.
I stocked up!

Judith said...

Do you have anyone who reads your blog in Ontario, Canada...?
I think our prices must be MUCH higher in general!

Anonymous said...

I am in NS, Canada and our prices are higher.

Anonymous said...

I am in Nova Scotia, Canada and our prices are higher.