Monday, June 22, 2009

GCC Shopping Round Up

I started my day off this morning, introducing a friend to the wonders of homemade laundry soap. I helped her make her first batch. So fun!

I love this time of year. It's when the local growing season makes (most) produce prices drop. Now, the cauliflower price I paid today about made me have a seizure in the middle of the produce aisle, but the strawberries....ahh, can't beat that price unless you grow them yourself.

So, the little kids are off for a slumber party with Grandma and the big kids (that also includes Me and Chris) are having a homemade pizza, pop, chocolate chip cookie and movie night.

S & S Liquidators

2 large packs of strawberries $3.58
Polish remover $.79
Light Mayo $.99
Hairspray $.79
8 apples $2.00
4 garlic $1.00
8 roma's $2.00
Bandaids $.99
2 Marinara Sauce $.66
2 cream soups $1.18

Grocery Outlet

Buttermilk $1.49
2 soy milk $1.98
Lemon juice $.99
Swiss cheese $3.55
2 cans pears $1.38
Chicken thighs ($2 off) $3.60
Whole Chicken ($1 off) $5.78
Pop $.99
3 mac & cheese $1.00


Strawberry Yogurt $1.68
Milk $1.98
Bulk Oats $.36
Bulk granola $.85
Italian Parsley $.38
Pepperoni $2.47
Bulk pinto beans $.74
Bulk popcorn $1.64
Bulk onion soup mix $.96
Bulk linguine $.97
Broccoli $1.02
Margarine $.82
Cauliflower $2.28
Bulk chocolate chips $3.67
Bulk poppy seeds $1.07
2 lemons $.56
mushrooms $2.95
Bananas $1.33
Cucumbers $1.16
Bulk Baking powder $.63
Bulk almonds $.79

Grand Total $69.77

If you'd like to share your shopping trip story this week please link directly to your post (not your homepage) and include a link back to The Grocery Cart Challenge.


Lisa said...

That IS a great deal on your strawberries!! I love this time of year - fresh fruit is such a good deal!!

Staci @ teachingmoneytokids said...

oh to live in a state that has winCo... or a Trader Joes...Or bulk food anywhere...

Donna said...

I noticed you have had a higher total than your usual 60 bucks these last few weeks. Is your belt loosening a little bit? I hope so!!

Gayle said...


Yeah, I've had a little padding the last few weeks which has been really nice but life will be back to normal by next week.

Rhonda in OK said...

I also wish I could shop where they sell bulk foods. But for now, I am happy to of found an Aldis just 40 miles away

Stephanie said...

I am very excited to have finally met my grocery cutting goal. I came under budget this week! Yeah! We have one week left of the month to fully meet our goal. I am determined to do it!

Amanda said...

Hi Gayle...i have a question about your homemade laundry soap. i recently made my 1st batch a few days ago (5 gallon bucket) and i love it; however, i just found out we are going to be out of town for a couple of weeks and i was wanting to find out what the shelf life of the detergent is?

Gayle said...

Hi Amanda,

I always make a double batch and it takes me about 2 months to use it up. I would think the shelf like is pretty long since there really isn't anything in it that can go bad or grow fungus or anything.

Hoosier Homemade said...

Great deals once again! Thanks for hosting!

Jamie said...

Hi Gayle, I am relatively new here and I love your tips, it's really helped me in my own shopping! I was wondering tho after looking at your whole chicken, do you have a sams or cost-co or a warehouse club near you? Most of the time if you go with a friend that already has a membership you can get in for free as long as they pay and you can give them the cash. I bought a 2-pack of whole chickens last weekend for about 7 bucks.