Friday, June 5, 2009

Weekend Link Luv

I always have leftover rice on hand and being a good frugal girl, I freeze the leftovers to be used for something mysterious later. But that stuff can stack up fast. So I'm forever on the lookout for creative leftover rice recipes. Here's one that just makes my mouth water at the thought. It has a little gourmet cheesey surprise in the middle. Rice and cheese. Perfect.

I love me a big bag of a purse. I don't carry those dainty things EVER. Check THIS out. It's a totally hip purse made from recycled tires. Is that cool or what? I heart me one in a bad, bad, way. Plus this is just a really neat concept. I love taking junk and turning it into something valuable again. I think that's why it appeals to me so much. Unfortunately I can't justify the price but it's still a cool idea.

Got sick kids that need pedialyte? Don't go out and buy it. Make it yourself with THIS recipe.

See you in a few days for Menu Plan Monday. Have a super weekend.


Amity said...

That recycled tire handbag concept is awesome. I love it. May have to budget for one of those. Thanks.

Donna said...

You mean, mean lady, putting up a link for that purse AND italian rice balls. :D