Saturday, June 20, 2009

Weekend Link Luv

I'm a little late getting the links up this weekend. The past few days have been spent preparing for today's Grocery Cart Challenge workshop. To those of you that were there, I had so much fun and I hope you walked away with some good stuff.

So on with the links...

HERE's a really great article called 10 Tips to Save Energy (and Money) in Your Home. I liked it because they were simple ways to cut back and cut down. Every single one of them is easily doable.

I think I have 2346 weddings to go to this summer and about $3.56 in my budget. Check out THESE great frugal wedding gift ideas.

Have a great weekend and remember to check back sunday night for the Weekly Menu Plan with all kinds of good recipe links.

1 comment:

FrugalinLA said...

I love the frugal wedding gift ideas... I definitely will keep those in mind.
I'm doing most of the energy saving ones now, and recently REALLY cracked down on water usage since the water rates are going up in my area because of a drought.
Thanks for the links!