Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

I did more visiting than actual shopping today while out and about in the grocery stores. I think the kidlessness goes to my head and all I want to do is stop adults in the aisles and talk about adult things.

Yeah, I'm that weird lady at the grocery store.

So here's what I managed to toss in my cart in between all the gloriously-adult conversation...


3 loaves of bread and 2 bags of mini bagels $4.70
2 free loaves of bread $0
3 boxes of donuts $5.00 (it's called PMS)

S & S Liquidators

8 peaches $2.00
4 apples $1.00
lime juice $.29
2 cans green chilies $.50
dish soap $.49
2 packs of Roma tomatoes $2.98
Cereal $1.50
4 onions $1.00
15 lbs potatoes $1.99
grape juice $1.99
TP $4.99
Equal $1.99

Grocery Outlet

Half n Half $1.49
V-8 $1.99
Parmesan $1.99
lemon juice $.99
2 cartons soy milk $1.98
frozen corn $.99
Canadian bacon $.99
Prosciutto $1.99
2 margarine $1.58
2 cans broth $1.38
3 tomato sauce $1.77
Cheddar $1.99
Mozzarella $1.99
can diced tomatoes $.69


5lb carrots $2.48
2.15 lbs bulk brown sugar $1.25
1.3 lbs celery $.77
2 cucumbers $1.16
.66 lbs bulk black beans $.61
.33 lbs bulk dutch baking cocoa $.93
3.2 lbs bulk sugar $1.71
2 gallons milk $3.96
sour cream $.98
margarine $.68
4 lbs bananas $2.08

Grand Total $70.12

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Savings Ninja said...

LOL now I understand why sometimes random people start chatting with me in the store... they're escaped parents!

Rhonda in OK said...

I understand the doughnuts - no explanation needed!

Honey said...

I was especially happy to get the good deals this week at Kroger-free cans of Dole pineapple and .50Santa Cruz organic lemonade. I can relate to chatting with big people at the store-it's a nice change!

EEEEMommy said...

You should move to Indiana. Grocery chattiness is the norm here! I even had a tall black man preach me a sermon on my birthday for 20 minutes while my kids ran in circles around me.

Steph- said...

Gayle, I posted the wrong link on #23. Would you please remove it? I fixed it in post#24. Sorry about that! And thanks!

Anonymous said...

hehe...that's me too...the other day I was talking to some poor woman about the flower baskets at Freddy's. After we chatted and laughed and walked away from each other, my husband asked, "Who was that?" I shrugged my shoulders...I didn't know her. He rolled his eyes and said, "YOU are one of THOSE people who talks to strangers in stores!"

KristinBrianne said...

Bread and favorite food groups!