Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Clothing Kids For Cheap

My newest newspaper column is up. You can read it HERE. It's all about how to clothe your kids on a small budget.


Jen said...

I love it, and have to weigh in that thrift store clothes can be very clean, depending on the part of town and on the "brand" of store. If you go into a wealthy area of town, you find people getting rid of things they've never even taken off the store hanger. In an older area of town, you find great vintage items from older people clearing out their homes. And in a less affluent part of town, you'll find items that are being re-thrifted after being well worn. It is worthwhile to make the trip to a snooty neighborhood!

Also, I've found that Goodwill stores are cleaner and have better (and cleaner) merchandise than Salvation Army.

I'm a thrift store fanatic -- buying things new feels like throwing money away, even when it's on sale. And I love your blog!

Michele said...

I would buy name brand clothes with the tags still on them when my kids were little. We still go to second stores but as my kids have gotten older (17 and 12) it has gotten harder.
The problems I have with clothing:

1. My kids are a little larger than average and it is harder to find clothes that fit.

2. My kids have thier own taste. They know what they like what they don't.

3. In our area the cost of second hand has gotten to be as much as some discount stores.

4.My kids wear a uniform for school. We can find some things for school but not everything. (pants not shirts)

One good thing about older kids, my 17 yr old daughter buys 90% of her own clothes!