Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Unshopping Unplanned Menu For Today - Day 2

Today was busy hauling truckloads of stuff across town and visiting the dump as we helped prepare a family member's house to sell. Busy and No-Menu-Plan equals EATING OUT! Fortunately half of our family is on a camping trip with Grandma so it was just the expense of two adults and one 5 year old.

Breakfast was yogurt, blueberry and granola parfaits. This is one of our breakfast staples and I happened to find a partial container of vanilla yogurt as well as a little bit of raspberry. Some leftover bulk granola and blueberries from the freezer completed the meal.

Lunch McDonald's. (Ouch on the budget)

Dinner Fish and Chips...out again.

Feels so good to come home after a long and busy day. We're tucking our lonely only child into bed and getting ready to relax with a movie.

After only two days of no menu plan, I'm am really looking forward to getting back into the groove next week. Today's meals just goes to show that without a plan the temptation to eat out is just too hard to resist. I'm also pretty curious what kind of crazy concoctions I'll come up with by the end of the week. Should be entertaining.


Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

do you make your own granola? if so can you send me the link to the recipe


Gayle said...

I don't make my own granola. I get it in the bulk section for about $1.38 per pound. And a pound is a LOT of granola. I have made it before but the time + cost of ingredients didn't pan out for me although it tasted really good.

Teaching My Little BookWorm said...

your so lucky to have the grocery outlets they just don't have them here in the midwest! :(

Colleen said...

I totally understand what you mean. My grandmother recently died and we are trying to organize and clean out her house. Plus can all the berries she had in her freezer for the rest of the family to enjoy. The last 3 days has been nothing but making jams and jellies (yes, there was that many berries in her freezer) and I've got a day's worth more to make. And during that time in her house trying to can and clean at the same time, and care for a 9 month old that is super bored, fast food has become the norm, or eating out afterwords since we are all so tired after and can't summon the energy to cook. Thankfully a dollar burger is enough for me but it still gets to be a bit much after a couple days in a row. I commend you for having the energy to cook breakfast much less dinner too. Good luck with your cleaning out.

LuvsOldfashionedCooks said...

Sweetie, just remember to be gentle with yourself. You are burning the candle at both ends. You are an amazing young woman, but keep it simple coz even the most amazing young women can burn out. Your "old" friend who enjoys your saving ways!xox