Monday, September 7, 2009

GCC Shopping Round Up

Ok. Steak is stinking expensive. But birthday's are important and since that's what the birthday boy wanted for dinner, I'm grinning and bearing it. Here's what I came home with today.

S & S

3 boxes of cake mix $1.00
2 bunches of bananas $1.98
Dishwasher detergent $1.49
2 containers of frosting $1.98
Organic veggie broth $.79
Organic chicken broth $.79
2 cans tomato soup $.98

Grocery Outlet

4 corn $1.00
Fettuccine $.99
Bacon $1.79
4 cans tuna $2.00
Ketchup $2.99
Conditioner $.99


2 tater tots $2.96
Bulk pet treats $1.51
Bulk rawhide bones $3.13
Margarine $.68
2 lbs cheddar $3.98
12 Chicken thighs $6.38
6 steaks $12.80
Lemon juice $1.77
Yogurt $1.78
3 dozen eggs $3.72
10 lb potatoes $1.98
1 gallon milk $1.98
2 lb carrots $.98

Total $ $62.42

The bread store was closed because of the holiday weekend so I'll have to go back there tomorrow. I'll buy 5 loaves of bread for $4.70 which will bring my total to...

Grand Total $67.12

Higher than I'd like but considering it's a birthday meal week, I'm pleased.

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Sadie said...

Do you have a Stater Brothers store? They often put london broils on sale for $1.87/lb and chuck steaks for even less. We not only use them for "steak" nights, but I also cut them up into strips and chunks to use for stir fry, stews, soups, fajitas, burritos, you name it! I will buy about 8-10lbs at once and use it out of the freezer for quite a while!

Hoosier Homemade said...

Wow, 3 cake mixes for $1, that's great!
Thanks for hosting!

Shirley said...

I know that you shop a lot at a Grocery Outlet Store. I've found here in Southwestern Oregon that the Grocery Outlet Store is higher than other local markets. I used to shop there all the time.....but not anymore. I save more by using coupons and watching the sales at the other markets.

Michelle said...

I know this is unlikely on the current budget, but when it grows a bit, you could consider buying a quarter or half cow. Here (MN), it runs us $200-300 for a quarter cow but it works out to less than $2 a lb for wonderful steaks, roasts, ground beef. Local and no drugs used - the cows are free to roam all day long, so are grass and hay fed. Just a note for the future.

Gayle said...


I was just talking about looking into that the other day. I'm very interested.

Danielsen5 said...

I see dog rawhides, how does dogfood fit in? I never see it in your weekly booty.