Monday, September 14, 2009

GCC Shopping Round Up

I can't tell you how excited my kids get on their birthday. It's not just about the presents either. On their day they get to pick all three holds barred. And my teenager has caught onto this and goes for the gold. We're talking a ham, people. It's like a food holiday around here and the countdown until Thursday is mentioned every few hours.

S & S Liquidators

3 boxes of light bulbs $1.47
Bananas $.99
8 apples $2.00
Starbucks Coffee $3.49
Onions $1.00
Tomato soup $.49
Diced tomatoes $.39
Teriyaki Sauce $.99
Tin foil $1.99
Olive oil $3.99

Grocery Outlet

Frozen peas $.79
Frozen corn $.79
sour cream $1.29
Body wash $1.99
Bacon $1.79
3 mac & cheese $1.00
Bleach $1.19


Milk $1.98
Ham 18.79
celery $.48
Parsley $.48
Bulk angel hair pasta $3.38
Chive cream cheese $1..71
4 boxes cream cheese $3.92
Margarine $.68
Bulk walnuts $.85
2 boxes margarine $1.56
Garlic $.78
2 lb cheddar $3.98
Bulk navy beans $.85
Bulk brown sugar $2.06
yellow pepper $.78
red pepper $.78
green pepper $.48

Grand Total $71.17

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Jill said...

We splurge with a ham now and then ourselves, but I think it's worth it. I get about 6 or 7 meals out of it. Start with just plain ham and all the stuff that goes with it. Then we have, ham fried rice, ham and noodle toss (uses Ramen - cheap!), scalloped potatoes with chunks of ham in it, baked beans with ham, ham in a quiche, ham in a pasta salad, toasted ham and cheese sandwiches. The options never cease!! I allow my kids to pick the meals on their birthday, too. Amazingly, they mostly pick easy, cheap meals. Yesterday was dd's 16th bday, she wanted crepes with berries (we have chickens so cheap crepes and the berries are frozen ones we picked). Can't beat that!

Emily said...

Well at least ham is useful in other areas....for leftovers. He COULD have asked for crepes or something that doesn't do well in casseroles. :)

Beth said...

Know who else will be having a birthday on Thursday?? ME!! Tell your son HAPPY BIRTHDAY from a fellow Virgo :)

Hoosier Homemade said...

I love ham dinner. One of the best things about the holidays.
Thanks for hosting!

Frugal in Florida said...

I about choked when I saw the price of the ham ... they cost THAT much?? Geesh. We used to do Honey Baked Hams, but now with just a few of us we buy a little boneless one from the store.
That's cool that you do that with the kids, makes it even MORE special :)

copperdog said...

So do you have a running budget envelope for birthdays over the year? I noticed some of your birthdays are bunched together. How much do you budget for gifts?