Tuesday, September 29, 2009

GCC Shopping Round Up

I don't like shopping when I can't find even ONE amazing deal that makes me feel faint and giddy, but that's what happened this week. Oh well.

This was my week to provide soccer treats for my son's team so you'll see those tucked away in my receipts. You'll also see some Kotex in there. I haven't quite convinced my daughter of the virtues of reusable menstrual pads yet. But I found them buy-one-get-one-free so that was nice.

Franz Bread Outlet

3 loaves of bread and two bags of mini bagels $4.70

S & S Liquidators

12 double rolls of TP $4.99
2 bags of Kotex pads BOGO $1.99
Raw sugar packets $.99
2 boxes mint brownie mix $1.98
2 packs of juice boxes $2.98
2 boxes granola bars $1.98
2 boxes toothpaste $1.98
2 bags Starbucks whole bean coffee $5.00
15 lb potatoes $1.99
2 cream of mushroom soup $1.18
Teriyaki sauce $.49
2 large cans spaghetti sauce $1.38

Grocery Outlet

5.21 lb Whole Chicken $5.70
4 toothbrushes $1.98
conditioner $.99
2 pkgs hot dogs $1.00
3 mac and cheese $1.00


2 lb carrots $.98
3.5 lbs ground beef $6.44
3lb eye of round roast $6.84
Hair dye $3.38
2 margarine sticks $1.56
.89 lbs bulk chocolate chips $2.44
3.07 lbs bulk brown sugar $1.93
2.43 lbs bulk spaghetti noodles $1.92
3.69 lbs bananas $2.14
2 lbs white sugar $1.98
margarine $.68
.17 lbs bulk onion soup mix $.50
5 dozen eggs $3.98

Grand Total $77.07

If you'd like to share your shopping victories this week please do! Make sure to link directly to your post, not your homepage and please include a link back to The Grocery Cart Challenge.


Michelle said...

Ooo, since you were not giddy from your own trip, let me share mine finds from my local discount grocer, which BTW, I found due to your fabulous post about them! I found great, cute pens to put into my 6 year old's birthday treat bags for school and his party for just $.20 each. Also going in the bag are snack crackers and cheese that I scored for less than $.10 and cereal bars that were $.19 each. Plus, I bought 2 lugs of pears (14 pounds each) for just $5 each - I will be canning them tonight. All from the discount grocer that I had no idea existed until you showed me the way. Thanks!!

Gayle said...

Woohoo! Now THAT is exciting!

teaching tots said...

I think I'm with your daughter on that one! :)

dani said...

i am not sure i can be convinced of the virtues of reusable menstrual pads either. sorry! =)

Anonymous said...

I know this is a touchy subject, but thought you might be interested, have you thought about using an herbal rinse to darken your hair? Sage, or Rosemary? Possible money savings to think about.

Sandy(a.k.a.Grannie) said...

I cannot seem to give up my "need" for using freezer bags. I was totally out and getting grumpy about it. Had a rain check for Hefty freezer bags at Krogers--$1.00 a box and they had a 20cent coupon on each box = 130 ea. of gallon and quart size for 6cents each. Originally marked $3.49 a box for 13 (absolutely ridiculous) saved $53.80! Sorry to say that we do not have the stores that you have to get such good deals so I usually shop sales and do coupons. Sure do appreciate all of your thrifty ideas.

Anonymous said...

Why the Ground Beef? I didn't see anything in your menu that included it. Just curious since your methodology has been not to stock sale items but only buy what you need for the week.

Gayle said...

The ground beef was for the Spaghetti.

Anonymous said...

Great deals - I too like when I get great grocery deals!

denise said...

Since you mentioned the Kotex thing with your daughter, I'll add my TMI comment :)

I saw your post about reusable pads a few months ago and I braved it. I figured if you were willing to try them, I could too. NEVER thought I would like 'em, but I really do. And I've been using them ever since. Thanks!

Mel said...

I just gave you an award on my blog. Thanks for all your ideas!