Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grocery Cart Challenge Recipe Swap - Homemade Baby Wipes

Allison sent me an e-mail with a recipe for Homemade Baby Wipes that I thought might benefit some of you. So cool that you don't have to rely on the grocery store for this.

Homemade Baby Wipes

Take a roll of Bounty Select-a-size (I have only used Bounty so I don't know how generic holds up) and cut it in half. Remove the center cardboard tube. Save the other half for another batch.

Mix into a Ziploc or Rubbermaid container:

  • 2 cups of water
  • 2 tablespoons baby wash
  • 2 tablespoons baby oil
  • 1 tablespoon alcohol (optional - but I have always used it)

Place the paper towels in the Ziploc with the solution and start pulling from the center. I usually make them the night before and flip the bag over so the paper towels are thoroughly wet in the morning.

I got to thinking about this recipe. I've heard several people say that they use flannel scraps for wipes and I thought you might be able to use them in this recipe too. Just put them in the Ziploc solution and let sit. That would save the cost of the brand name paper towels. Then you would wash them like normal cloth diapers. I've also heard of people putting this solution in an old plastic wipe box with the built in dispenser so that's another option too.

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Hoosier Homemade said...

I don't have babies anymore, but wipes are still nice in the car. Even my teenagers are messy :)
Thanks for hosting!

Katie @ Kitchen Stewardship said...

I have to comment with my recipe for wipes!
First, "splurge" on Viva towels. They're amazing. Better than Bounty, I promise.
Next, cut roll into THIRDS. Not only does this make more wipes, but it fits perfectly upright in a wipes box.
Finally, keep it safe for baby. Use a natural soap (I use Shaklee H2, Dr. Bronner's castille soap is another option). Remember this stuff will stay on their skin all day long. No baby oil needed. Add a splash of vinegar instead of alcohol (to keep mold away).
I figure I spend about $12/year on wipe, with the best ingredients available. Yippee!!

Booklogged said...

The alcohol can really sting a sensitive bottom or if there's any irritation.

I'm past the diaper stage but will try for hand wipes in the car. Thanks.

e-Mom said...

What a great frugal idea. Perfect for these recessionary times.

e-Mom @ Susannah's Aprons

Amy Green (Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free_ said...

I don't have kids but I use baby wipes for the dogs. You could probably use the paper towels that are already cut into smaller pieces, couldn't you?

Thanks so much for hosing this fun event!!

Anonymous said...

28 year ago when my 1st had terrible yeast diaper rash I began using Bounty paper towels with just water and they worked great. I would just moisten them, put in a zip loc bag and put in the diaper bag. The alcohol from the store bought wipes would burn his rash so I would advise not to use alcohol in the formula. The formula sound great but plain water works just fine as well. I never made up more than I needed in the diaper bag and at home would just make as I needed. I could also store dry Bounty in the diaper bag and keep a bottle of water in the bag as well and make as I needed.

Never A True Aggie said...

I used a similar recipe, but use a dash of tea tree oil (about 6 bucks, but you only use a few drops. Mine lasted about 4 months or so). We use cloth diapers and I found it easier to use cloth wipes. Walmart sells a pack of 4 for 99 cents. I bought 5 packs and was set. I also use a snap top plastic container. I also pre-mixed my solution in a concentrated form in a re-used soap dispenser. So now, when I need wipes, I just squirt about 10 squirts of my solution, about another cup of hot water, dump in the rags, pop the top on, snap it shut, invert it for about 15 minutes and I am ready to go for about 2-3 days. So easy and has saved so much money. Also, we are going on 6 months now with my son and I have not had any rashes at all. Zero. Zip. (BTW, Baby wipes use a pet safe version of antifreeze to keep them from freezing solid in transport. I don't think it hurts babies to use on their bums, but I know my own babies have grabbed a wipe or two and sucked on them.)

Nicole Feliciano said...

Sorry I am late, busy week getting the kids back to school. I did a cookbook review and hope you'll stop by. If you have time, I invite you to join in my recipe/food post exchange here:

copperdog said...

When my kids were in diapers I cut up a yard of sale flannel into washcloth sized wipes and zig-zagged the edges. I set up my changing station next to a sink so whenever I had to wipe them down I just used warm tap water. Never had a problem. If we were going out I just popped a few wipes into a baggie with some water and voila, portable. I kept a little basket nearby to toss the rinsed, used wipes in and washed them in hot in regular laundry. They lasted through 2 kids and then were passed on to my sister.

Colleen said...

Also instead of using alcohol you can use witch hazel, it's the main ingredient in Tucks, and a couple drops of lavender oil. The witch hazel is really soothing and the lavender smells good and keeps the skin smooth. That's what the girls in my hippie moms group used and they said it worked great. And they all agree to splurge on the best paper towels, going cheap in this case is asking for trouble, and sore bottoms...

Pamm said...

I think with a daycare full of toddlers I need to think about making my own wipes. Thanks for the recipe!

karen said...

I am starting to use flannel wipes with my cloth diapers. I put the baby wipe solution in a spray bottle though. :) (I used water, baby wash, and tea tree oil).

Jenny The Bold said...

I haven't read the other comments, but I used to make these-and I'd use everything but the alcohol. Cook on stove until just stars to boil and then proceed to make the wipes. That way the wipes won't get moldy.

Anonymous said...

thanks. this is almost identical to the premade stuff that came with my daughters new cloth diapers. I wasn't keen on spending the money they wanted. but this is exactly the same. easy to make and easy to use.

Khadija said...

I used homemade wipes for my children, you can't imagine the savings! I do recommend Viva towels instead of bounty. Generic towels will work but I found Viva to be the best. I never thought of cutting them into thirds, what a great idea!!