Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just A Little Housekeeping

I'm so excited for Christmas this year I can barely stand it. If I could get a tree today I would. My last craft bazaar is Friday (tomorrow). If you're a local come say Hi. I'll be at the Canterbury Inn Christmas Bazaar.

Next week I'm hoping to get your creative Christmas juices flowing. I'll be highlighting some great Christmas gift projects that would be fun to give or get and won't put you in debt.

I've also got three giveaways in the works that I'm really excited about. Use your winnings to treat yourself or start your Christmas giving. PLUS lot's of discount codes are coming with those giveaways. I love online shopping for Christmas. So much simpler, less crowded and I can do it in my pajamas.

Now I'm off to finish the last of my sewing projects before the bazaar tomorrow.

Check back later tonight for some great recipe links in The Grocery Cart Challenge Recipe Swap.


Jen@Scrapingirl said...

I just put mine up tonight. I'm ganna have to dust it before Christmas even gets here. :)

Karilee said...

Of course, you're going to share pics of what you've been making?? hint, hint.

Anonymous said...

That picture is so warm and cozy it puts me in the holiday spirit!!
I have been thinking alot about the holidays too, my little girl will be one and want to start the traditions off right from the beginning...we'll start with sleeping under the really is magical with all the twinkling lights...