Sunday, November 8, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Our state requires once a year standardized tests for homeschoolers and with four kids, it takes us a few weeks to get everyone taken care of. This week is our last week of testing. I think one of the main concerns homeschoolers have, regardless of whether they should or not, is whether their kids are keeping up with their public school counterparts and whether they are covering all their bases. It can be a nail biting experience as you await the test results so I'm relieved and happy to report that as anxious as I was, the kids that are finished, exceeded my testing expectations.

Whew! It's like getting my own report card.

So on to frugal stuff.

I found a ham bone tucked away in the back of my freezer from a September birthday. It will be making an appearance in our dinner menu this week. I also have my last craft bazaar on Friday. If you're local, come say Hi. I'll be at the Canterbury Inn. Since I'll be gone from the wee hours of the morning until dinner time I'm letting the family fend for itself for breakfast and I'll slip a yummy stew in the crock pot for dinner.

So here's what's cooking...


Oats with fruit, cream and brown sugar
Fruit, yogurt and protein powder smoothies
Fruit cups and bagels
on their own for breakfast
Leftover muffins


Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup and rolls
Broccoli Rice Quiche and sliced pears
Leftover Buffet

Check back tomorrow to see how much this weeks groceries cost and for more great menu plan ideas go HERE.


Sharon said...

Great menu! I'm bookmarking the Taco Macaroni and Hamburger Barely Stew. Thanks for the links!

I don't homeschool (only have one right now old enough for school), but I hear ya on the standardized testing. I used to teach, and I am not one to believe those tests usually meet the hype.
But good for you! The "parent" report card can be so stressful, can't it?
Sounds like you do an amazing job.

Thanks for sharing your menu. Have a great week!

Jennifer said...

Oh, the testing was always nerve wracking when we homeschooled. Good luck, I am sure your kids will do great.

Rona's Home Page said...

Marcus was always tested through the school district since we brought him home.
I'm okay with the standardized testing. What I'm not okay with is that the Air Force will not recognize our son's distance learning program so they will not accept him.
Happy MPM!

Halfmoon Girl said...

I am thankful that they don't have those testings locally- I am exempt because of ferry travel, etc. I think only those who are in gr 4 and 7 are required to do them in my province, though there is always a raging debate over them.
I haven't had breakfast yet- the pic made my mouth water!