Monday, December 28, 2009

GCC Shopping Round Up

First, I have to apologize. My laptop isn't working...which holds my camera software, so I wasn't able to download my shopping photos. They are sitting there all nice and pretty and helpless, trapped on my camera until payday comes round and I can get my laptop fixed. In the meantime I'm feeling really guilty that I've been making my kids use this old crumbly S-L-O-W computer for the past several years. On the bright side I STILL have Internet access. Yahoo!

This week I had a fridge still full of fruits and veggies and plenty of root vegetables left in their storage areas. I even had the hamburger and turkey on hand so I had no need to purchase meat this week. And as for bread purchases, all they've had lately is the 100% whole wheat which only a few of us like so I still have lots of bread left. The kids prefer a lighter bread (dang their pickiness) but I refuse to buy more until the rest is used up. We just don't waste anything around here whether ya like it or not!

So here's how it went (just pretend there are pictures attached)

S & S Liquidators

2 boxes of brownie/cookie mix $1
3 cans tomatoes $1.17
3 cans tuna $1.77
5 roma tomatoes $1
carrots $.79

Grocery Outlet

Giant hot cocoa mix $4.99
2 jumbo cans nalley's chili $5.98


2 cans nacho cheese sauce $3.56
2 lbs cheddar $5.47
Plastic wrap $1.83
large tub margarine $1.98
Ketchup $2.79
Gallon milk $2.33
1.33 lbs powdered milk $3.42
1.45 lbs oats $.61
3 lbs bananas $1.69
1.27 lbs mini chocolate chips $3.14
Tater tots $1.48
shredded cheddar $1.79
.43 lbs pearl barley $.17
1 lbs lentils $.79
8 oz cream cheese $,98
Frozen orange juice $1.17
2 cans mushrooms $.96
Top Ramen $3.98

Grand Total $54.84

Would you like to share your shopping trip or super deal? Please make sure to include a link directly to your post, not your homepage, and please link back to The Grocery Cart Challenge from your post.


Chef Owings said...

Seems to be something in the air with things breaking down.We lost the transmission out of BOTH our cars within 2 wks of each.Thankfully mine was only a computer issue..hubby's died and needed replaced.

C said...

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