Monday, December 21, 2009

Holiday Deal at Save-A-Lot

It's time for a feast and if the cost of that scares you, I've got a deal for you. Save-A-Lot contacted me to let me know of a great deal they have going on. You can get a holiday dinner for four for $15.

Go here to print a $5 off coupon to use when you spend $20 at Save-A-Lot. You can use it to buy your Christmas ham or anything else you need for your Christmas meal.

This is how you can do it...

Shank Portion Ham 9 lb average @ 0.99 lb $8.91
Fresh Jumbo Sweet Potatoes 2 lbs /$ 0.78
Fresh Express Garden Salad Mix 12 oz bag $0.99
Portmann’s Salad Dressing 16 oz bottle $1.29
Wylwood Canned Corn, Peas or Green Beans 2 / $0.98
Assorted Varieties Libby's Pineapple 20 oz can $0.99
So-Cheezy Shells & Cheddar 12 oz box $1.39
Grissom's Brown 'N Serve Rolls 12 count $0.99
Mrs. Smith's® Apple or Cherry Pie 27 oz pkg $2.99

Total $19.31
-$5 Coupon

Total $14.31 Plus tax where applicable
So if you haven't already done your grocery shopping this looks like the place to do it.
*Post sponsored by Save-A-Lot stores.

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Lorie said...

I love Save a Lot! They did this at Thanksgiving too (only Turkeys)and what a deal! I'm cooking my ham today. And even if you don't have to cook a Christmas meal you can use it on anything in the store as long as you spend $20.

Also they have coupons on there website, some of which have been really good to use at the store too on name brand products.