Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Quick Store Run

Well, I lasted until Wednesday this week before I finally gave in and bought some groceries...without a plan...without a list. It wasn't pretty. But I got a few things to squeak us through the next few days until I can do my regular shop on Monday. No plan meant lots of convenience and junk food. Oh well. here's what I got.

15 lbs potatoes $1.99
3 boxes mac and cheese $1.00
Sausage patties $3.99
2 boxes of frozen burritos $5.98
Brownie mix $.99
Pasta $.79
Milk $2.79

Grand Total $17.53

This will contribute to a baked potato night, a pasta/marinara with broccoli night, and a junk food extravaganza night.

Check back tomorrow to link up for the Recipe Swap!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Less than 20 bucks for a quick store run is amazing. Mine cost me about 50 smacks.


Um, and can I come over for brownies?