Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10 Way To Reuse It: Wax Milk Cartons

Periodically I buy whipping cream or milk in those plastic coated paper cartons. Juices and half and half come in them too. So what can you do with them when they're empty? Here are 10 ideas.

  1. Seed Starters. Rinse out and cut off the bottom to use as seed starters or containers for your window herb garden.
  2. Indoor Bowling. Clean them good and then stack them like bowling pins for the kids. Give them a rubber bowl and teach them to bowl. It's a great rainy day game.
  3. Ice Blocks. Having a party with a punch bowl? Freeze ice blocks in the containers to make a long lasting rectangle ice cube.
  4. Guard your garden plants. We live in the land of slugs so every year when my tomatoes are still young and tender I cut off a ring of the milk carton and place it in the dirt around my tomatoes. This keeps the slugs and bugs from getting to my plants.
  5. Paint Holder. I just finished painting my front door and the trim around it. While hubby used the bucket for window trim, we poured a small amount of paint in a waxy milk carton for the trim around my front door. When I was done I just tossed it...no clean up.
  6. Collect cooking grease. I use the waxy containers to drain the grease off my hamburger. The wax keeps it from leaking out and when it cools, the whole things goes in the garbage.
  7. Organize your junk drawer. Doesn't everyone have a junk drawer? Cut off the tops and store loose paper clips, nails, staples or whatever you find in there.
  8. Protect your floor. Cut off the bottoms and place under the corners of heavy furniture. This not only helps furniture slide across the floor from moving but can save your carpet or floor from getting permanent dents from the weight of the furniture.
  9. Make a one of a kind coin purse. Some people are so creative. Check out this tutorial to make a really sturdy coin purse. I love this idea.
  10. Bird Feeder. Give the kids a summer project and use these directions to make a bird feeder.
For more great ideas go visit WFMW.


Anonymous said...

Like your bowling game, I clean them up, glue the opening closed, and let the children play 'store' with them. I have a few book cases in the day care that we play with from time to time...with small juice boxes, empty containers of cottage cheese, pudding boxes, etc. you can make a grocery store.

By the way, that book case can be used as a doll house, or a fire station...just change out the things in the book case...

I have spent more than 20 years in the day care business. Children really like playing with everyday items...
Roxie in Texas

Duckygirl said...

We used these one year as candle molds! They make great square ones (big or small depending the container).
Great ideas :O)


p.s. just thought I'd add, the word verification on this is 'reuse'! Too funny.