Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10 Ways To Reuse It: Fabric Softener Sheets

You open the dryer, take our your warm fresh clothes and out falls your used up fabric softener sheet. Do you throw it away? Most people do. I have to admit that I don't even use them anymore but I remember throwing away lots of those sheets without a second glance. And I'm willing to bet that there are a lot of you out there using fabric softener sheets and chucking them after one use. So here are some ideas to get the most out of those fragrant sheets.

  1. Use it again! Guess what, they last more than once in your dryer and do just as good of a job as the first time. So save them and pop them in for the next load too!
  2. Deodorize Stinky Shoes. Do you have a loved one with notoriously stinky feet? Shove your dryer sheet all the way to the toes of the shoes when you're not wearing them to fight odors.
  3. Stinky Garbage Cans. If you were to take my garbage out and look in the bottom of my kitchen can you'd find a wad of dryer sheets soaking up the old garbage smell.
  4. Nice Smelling Drawers. Freshen up your sock drawer (or any other drawer) by tucking a few sheets in the back corner of each drawer.
  5. Lint Remover. Rub your clothes to remove pet hair or lint. No more purchasing fancy lint rollers.
  6. Remove Static Cling. Sometimes during the dry cold months I get static in my hair. I've been known to grab a used up dryer sheet and run it over my hair to remove static. Works good on clothing too.
  7. Deodorize Your Pet. Oh yeah. You can rub your dog or cat and remove extra hair and freshen them up a bit. Don't let them chew on them though.
  8. Dust Your Furniture or your Blinds. These are great dusters, especially for kid hands. They pick it up fast and fun and you don't even need to spray furniture polish.
  9. Clean Burnt Pans. Place a sheet in a baking pan that has burnt on gunk, fill with water and leave overnight. In the morning the gunk glides right off.
  10. Scrub The Tub. The chemicals in the sheet remove soap scum and ring around the tub.
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April said...

Love the tips about using the used dryer sheets for keeping your garbage can deodorized, and dusting your furniture.

Mommy of Two said...

Wow, those are really great ideas!!! Thanks!

Julie Bagamary said...

It can also be used in creating quilted art especially if you paint it.

Candi said...

They are also great for a mosquito repellent! I didn't believe it until I used one Sunday. We have mosquitoes really really bad and the kids and I get eaten up every time we're outside in the yard. But Sunday it worked to keep them away, I couldn't believe it!

Roya Rose said...

What fantastic ideas! I can't wait to try the mosquito repellant, bathtub cleaner and furniture dusting!

Mandy All said...

We reuse baby wipes this way too. We cloth diaper our son, but use regular disposable wipes. I found out (by accident) that baby wipes survive the wash just fine. Not only that, they make great cleaning cloths! I use two of them together on my swiffer, instead of buying those refills.

Adventures of Abby said...

We also use them for mosquito repellent. We just rub the sheets on our ankles and cloths. Then stick the sheet in our pocket. Re-appling when neccesary. This is very nice when you mulitple plans for the day and do not want to smell like bug spray all day! Another thing I do is cut all of my sheets in to thirds. Then I don't have to worry about fishing it out of one load to use on the next, all of the "needs to be used again" dry sheets drove me crazy. Cutting them in to thirds is like using each one 3 times, tripling my $$$$!