Monday, May 3, 2010

GCC Shopping Round Up

Oooh, I can't wait until those garden veggies start producing. I almost have some lettuce ready and my potatoes are growing like crazy. It's really going to allow my budget to stretch to cover some major meat purchases and maybe a little stockpiling during the summer months. Here's what I came home with today.

Franz 2/$1 day

4 boxes chocolate donuts &
4 loaves bread $4.00

S & S Liquidators

5 lbs pink lady apples $2.99
8 tomatoes $2.00
2 lbs cottage cheese $1.58
vanilla soy milk $.49

Grocery Outlet

razors $1.99
Tampons $3.99
Oxy pads $2.99
dish soap $.99
shredded swiss $2.99
Parmesan $1.99

Dollar Tree

Hairspray $1
Toothbrushes $1
dishwasher detergent $1


2.22 lbs bananas $1.29
1.07 lbs bulk raw almonds $3.84
2 cartons mushrooms $3.56
.23lbs bulk soy protein powder $1.06
cheddar $4.48
.26lbs bulk oat bran $.21
2 spring mix $3.96
1 bag spinach $1.68
ricotta $2.87
.59lbs bulk flax meal $.84
.10lbs bulk bran $.04
1.41 lbs broccoli crowns $1.80
mozzarella $2.36

Grand Total $56.99

Would you like to share your shopping trip? Please link directly to your post, not your blog, and please include a link back here to the Grocery Cart Challenge.

I'm also trying out a fun new linky. Let me know what you think in the comments.


Amy @ Living The Domestic Life .com said...

You want the Link to go to the blog and not the shopping trip?

Amy @ Living The Domestic Life .com said...

You want the Link to go to the blog and not the shopping trip?

Kathleen said...

Ohhh, my children would like to be at your house this week. They were asking me for some of those chocolate donuts! This week I thought of you & your groceries when I looked at mine--spinach & bananas, too! I didn't take a picture though and I am not at $60/week. But it's getting lower and I am continually inspired by your blog!
Thanks for the encouraging work. Your blog is on my blogroll on mine at


Candi said...

Pink Lady apples are my all time favorite and we have to pay at least $1.69/lb...that's an awesome deal!

Anonymous said...


How well does the Sun dishwashing powder from Dollar Tree work? I've been tempted to buy it! Please let me know if you like it. :)

Monkey Momma said...

Gayle, I'm a little surprised to see tampons on your list. I thought you were the one that told me about the Diva Cup???

Gayle said...

Monkey Mamma,

There are other people in the house that aren't quite ready for the diva cup yet. ;)

Alisha said...

I was wondering if the 2/$1 at Franz was on Sunday or Monday? Thanks!