Tuesday, July 20, 2010

10 Ways To Reuse It: Old Cd's and DVD's

Do you have old DVD's that have seen better days or old CD's that you never want to listen to again? We have old kids movies that are unplayable and music that I'm embarrassed to admit that I ever bought. We even get them as advertising in the mail some times. So when you can't sell them on e-bay because they are essentially worth nothing now, what do you do with them? These ideas are so fun that now when we hit the Goodwill Outlet we intentionally look for old CD's and DVD's so we have enough to get creative with. Hope you see something that inspires you too.
  1. Coasters: The shiny side makes modern looking coasters to keep your wood tables from getting rings.
  2. Paint Palettes: Let your kids get their Davinci on at craft time. Use these as artists palettes and let them paint to their hearts content.
  3. Bird and Deer Deterrent: We hand CD's from our cherry tree sometimes to keep the birds from eating all the fruit. I've also heard that people hang them around the perimeter of the garden to scare away the deer.
  4. Candle Base: Set your candle in the center of the CD as a light reflector and to catch any wax. Turn the lights off and see the shimmering glow that it makes.
  5. Wall Decor: My teenage son collects them and is working on covering one whole wall with them. It's almost like hanging tiny little mirrors all over the wall and it makes his room look even bigger.
  6. Make A Lamp: You won't want to pass up this creative idea. This lamp is really cool.
  7. Photo Magnets: I know this site says to make these for a locker but wouldn't they be creative Christmas presents or even ornaments? Go check it out HERE.
  8. Name That Veggie: Write the name of your garden veggie on the CD in permanent marker and then glue it to a stick to mark the rows in your garden.
  9. In Case Of Emergency: These are a great lightweight emergency mirror to use to signal for help when your out hiking. Much lighter in your pack than an actual mirror.
  10. Make a hovercraft: My friend did this for a class she taught. Glue a lid of an old sports bottle (the one you open by pulling the valve) or a dish-washing detergent lid to the hole of a CD. Next, you blow a balloon with air then, trying not to lose any air, stretch the balloon onto the lid. Place the hovercraft on a smooth surface and let it go.
For more great ideas go visit WFMW!


Georgia said...

I really liked that!!

Lynn said...

My mom is a preschool teacher and uses old CDs and DVDs to make tops for her classes. Simply hot glue a medium sized bead to the center and you've got an instant toy.

Em and Lib said...

Great post - gonna attempt the hover craft with my boys! LIB

Anonymous said...

Hanging CD's from a string to catch the natural light from a window is very appealing to new borns.