Sunday, August 29, 2010

Menu Plan Monday

Ahhh, another week. Is it just me or is this summer just flying by? This is my last week of clinicals and then a glorious two weeks of regular life before school starts for both the kids and I. We've had such a late summer here with very little hot weather. I ate my first tomato from the garden yesterday and I've got lettuce coming out my ears. While it's growing, I can tell I'm not going to have much to can this summer. It's just not growing like it should. Any other Washington folk having problems with their gardens?

Anyway, here's what's cooking this week...

Choice of oatmeal, fruit and bagels, smoothies or freezer pancakes

Grilled cheese and fruit
Balsamic chicken, steamed broccoli
Crock pot Italian Beef, green beans and rolls
Grilled chicken salad and crusty bread
French Toast Raphael
Tuna salad sandwiches
Leftover Buffet

For more great menu plans go HERE.


Amy said...

A long time ago I asked if you had a cookbook set up on recipeezaar (now food LOL)

At the time you did not but I was wondering if you do now. It seems quite a few of your recipes could be converted to South Beach and I would love new ideas! :)

The balsamic chicken looks soooo good!

Anonymous said...

Yes,garden problems aplenty. Nothing seems to want to grow. At least you have lettuce. Mine would never grow.

Rick said...

I live in Yakima. Last year my Mother-in-laws first year garden was so plentiful everyone practically ran when they saw us coming. This year things have taken forever to grow, and a lot of the plants have not made it. Things have taken forever to grow. We are supposed to have like 300 days of sun here, but this year we have not seen too much of it.


I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You ~Ron

Anonymous said...

It's not just Washington, I'm in BC where we typically have tomatoes ready by the end of July. Mine are just starting to ripen now. Cucumbers and strawberries are gangbusters, but beans, corn, tomatoes are a washout.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone in Washington is having that problem Gayle. Our garden was virtually wiped out y bugs and slugs. It really has taken its toll on the fresh veggie budget.

Anonymous said...

I'm just curioius what you do for lunches?

Cindy in Ferndale said...

We just had our first salad out of our garden also. Hardly any tomatoes might have been our last salad of the season. :o(

Cindy in Ferndale said...

We just had our first salad out of our garden also. Hardly any tomatoes might have been our last salad of the season. :o(

Kara said...

You should count yourself lucky that you got a tomato! Here in OH we're even having a hard time with summer squash. It's been a cool summer and it feels like fall is on the way early. Even the farmer's markets don't have a good selection/prices.