Monday, September 27, 2010

GCC Shopping Round Up

I keep forgetting to hit my local discount bakery store on their bargain Saturday but I finally used up my freezer full of FREE bread and had to buy some loaves. So, I went today, and paid their normally cheap price (versus their super-duper discount Saturday price) and stocked up. Here's what I gathered today.


2 boxes donut holes, 4 loaves of bread, 3 bags of bagels, 1 bag of rolls $9.00


tortilla chips $2.36
bleach $.99
nectarines $2.27
tomatoes $1.66
garbage bags $6.33
apples $2.38
spaghetti noodles $1.67
2 spaghetti sauce $3.16
2 avacados $1.76
2 cans green beans $.98
frozen blueberries $3.98
instant grits $1.65
milk $1.98
2 soymilk $2.56
mozzarella $5.59
paremsan $1.76
fresh spinach $1.78
mushrooms $1.78
bulk almonds $9.77
2 cans chili $1.76
frozen peas $.88
hamburger $3.53
frozen spinach $.65

Grand Total $70.23 this week.

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1 comment:

Melissa said...

Hi Gayle!! I am so curious about the almost $10 in almonds!!! Just for snacking? Or do you have a PLAN for them? :)