Monday, November 8, 2010

GCC Shopping Round Up

I've been waiting excitedly for all the great Thanksgiving deals to start. This is one of the best sale times of the year and I'm hoping to be able to get our Thanksgiving turkey as well as an extra for my freezer. Last year I think they had them as low as 29 cents a lb. Here's what I did gather this week.


5 dozen eggs $8.04 (yikes)
half and half $.78
2 boxes margarine $1.32
butter tub $1.78
Giant yogurt $4.56
vegetable bouillon $2.98
sour cream $1.28
2 lbs cheddar $4.48
bacon $1.98
tortillas $1.98
2 mac and cheese $.66
2 soymilk $2.56
tofu $1.78
boneless chuck $10.10
broccoli $1.30
vanilla $1.24
tortellini $5.02
2 lb carrots $.88
tomatoes $1.20
apples $2.18
french onion soup $1.25
2 cans beef broth $1.26
2 cans veggie broth $1.16

Grand Total $59.77

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