Tuesday, November 16, 2010

GCC Shopping Round-Up

I took advantage of the turkey deals this week. Managed to get a 21.17 lb turkey for $5.08. That's practically the cost of a few pounds of hamburger. I came right home and stuck it in my freezer and then promptly forgot to add it to my pictures this week. I'm hoping to get one more next week to store away for an end of winter feast. I've also started gathering some extra baking supplies. I like to gradually stock up the special holiday foods rather than one high priced shopping trip. Here's what I got.


Turkey (not pictured) $5.08
Hershey Chocolate Syrup $3.58
Pork Carnita $6.60
Cascade $4.27
Coffee Mate $2.98
TP $5.98
Sugar $4.64
2 gallons milk $3.94
bleach $.99
2 graham pie crusts $2.96
Apple Juice $1.98
2 cans tomatoes $1.16
10 lbs flour $2.78
2 mac and cheese $.84
bodywash $1.05
shampoo $.97
conditioner $.97
4 cans tuna $2.28
soymilk $1.28
peanut butter $4.63
bananas $1.64
spinach $1.78
bakers chocolate $2.22
Coffee mate $2.98
2 cans cranberry sauce $1.96
apples $2.20
pears $1.87
BBQ sauce $.98

Grand Total $74.59

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Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I LOVE the turkey deals! Great time to stock up!