Friday, December 3, 2010

One Of A Kind Gifts

I love giving gifts to people that are unique; that aren't mass marketed and found on a Wal-mart shelf. It just makes them so much more special and it's fun to have something that you know nobody else has. Couple that with the fact that I prefer to online shop rather than brave the crowds and the parking and the long lines plus the luxury of having it delivered to my door is a huge perk. So I've found this cute little online shop founded by a gifted mom who makes amazing one of a kind items. She has unique kids clothes and one of a kind purses, handbags, totes, and pooch purses made with mouth watering fabrics.

I've chatted with her a few times and she's as nice as she is gifted. So if you need a one of kind gift for someone, go take a look and check out her things. They are all ready to ship and arrive by Christmas!


Ashley said...

those are cute. I agree one of a kind gifts are better, I bake and knit for christmas and have been doing this for the last 3 christmas'. I was worried with the first one that people wouldn't like it but everyone loves there handknit presents

Anonymous said...

All the holiday gifts I'm giving this year, except for a calendar my mother has wished for, are going to be hand-knitted, sewn or handmade.

The huge trick up my sleeve is homemade chocolate pralines, which I've been complimented on. They're turning out "professional quality", and I like them.

I use a candy maker's piping bag and silicone moulds, as well as candy brushes for making cups in those silicone moulds.

Other ways of making candy include dipping nuts and dried fruit into chocolate, as well as one set I thought of making, since my brother is a huge fan of chess, marzipan chess pieces dipped in dark or white chocolate to make chess pieces did cross my mind.

We'll see what I can muster up, won't we? :)