Saturday, January 8, 2011

Free Printable Chore Chart

Over this last year I look back and realize I've done a heckuva lot of work. Full time college student, homeschooling four kids, part time writing jobs, and all the regular stuff it takes to be a mom and wife. So for the year 2011 I'm learning the art of delegation. Now my kids have always had chores to some degree but I'm ramping it up a bit. Unfortunately the stay at home mom bit (for this mom at least) meant that I did a lot of it myself. But knowing that I can't do it all has left me looking around to find four able bodied kids with TOO MUCH time on their hands. The perfect people to help this mom with NOT ENOUGH time on her hands. So I found this great site that lest you customize your own chore list for FREE. I wrote down all the household cleaning and maintenance duties for the week and divided them up between the four kids. I kept the few areas that I like to deep clean for myself (bathrooms), and then settled that I was going to have to lower my standards a bit. The payoff means a generally tidy house all week long. I'm willing to adjust my standards for that. So if you're interested in setting up your own chore list, here's the site where you can make your own.

My Motto this year is "If we all live here than it's OUR dirt. Now grab a broom and help your Mom."


Angee said...

I think that's a great motto!

Kerri said...

That website is one of my fave for print out for kiddos. Love their chore charts.

Anonymous said...

Excellent link to the chore chart. Despite me only having a future husband and cat to assign chores to, it can sometimes be good to give the scatterbrained engineer type some sort of a template for what and when and how to do things at home.

He ticks "tend flowers and plants" off into his calendar, so why not "hoovering" or "fill up/empty dishwasher", or "dispose of used soda cans"?

My children are going to be put to a similar good use as my mother did, assigning everyone with some daily chores, like "make your bed and take out the trash before going to school". I was never the worse for it, and completed chores being the condition for an allowance, we ended up learning the value of money. I'm a fairly frugal girl as a result, and I don't mind!

As far as the cat's "chores" go, he wakes me up in the mornings, and supervises me from his spot on the folded towel on the toilet seat lid while I take my baths, and if I vanish under the water for even a second, the cat tippytoes with his paws against the edge of the tub to see if I'm still alive. :)

momma-lana said...

You go Mom! My homeschool kids did all the house cleaning and I did the cooking and laundry. You DO have to lower your standards but Mom is only one person!