Tuesday, January 25, 2011

GCC Shopping Round Up

A flyer with some amazing coupons came in this week for Safeway Club Card members. It was all full of free items and huge discounts and $10 off the whole purchase that I couldn't pass it up. So I shopped different this week to make the most of the deals. I have to admit it was an adrenaline rush as I saw my $80 bill slowly drop down to $40. But the fact that using all those coupons made me hold up the line for about 10 extra minutes while the checker rang them all through was no fun. The line was stacked five deep with impatient women staring daggers at me AND a couple of the things I got weren't the right sale item. (They make them so hard to find) so they had to run back and get the right ones. BUT I saved a ton.


6 bags of bread
4 bags of tortillas $5


Garlic Caesar Dressing FREE
Cuban Lime Marinade FREE
Salsa FREE
Brown Rice FREE
4 Ragu Sauce $3.96
Tortilla Chips FREE
Tortillas $1.29
3 Sobe Lifewaters $2.64
2 packs of TP $9.76
Cascade gel pacs $5.99
Frozen Broccoli FREE
Coffee Creamer $1.79
Razors $2.99
Soap $1.99
Bakery Baguette $.49
Chicken Breasts ($4 off) $6.99
3 packs of lunch meat (50% off) $5.97
Chicken Thighs (50% off) $3.96
salad mix $2.29
$10 OFF Coupon

Total $40.11


2 milk $3.96
apples $1.97
beets $2.28
sugar $1.99
canned tomatoes $1.03
sun dried tomatoes $1.98
cheddar $4.49
2 margarine $1.14
brown sugar $1.36
frozen spinach $.68
bulk coconut $.64
cabbage $1.08
Swiss $4.39
bulk barley $.27
bulk salt $.13
cucumber $.58
5 lb carrots $1.98
guacamole $3.98
Roma tomatoes $1.67
onions $.76
celery $1.27
bananas $1.13

Total $38.76

Grand Total $78.87

Would you like to show us your shopping trip? Please link directly to your post, not your homepage, and please include a link back here to the Grocery Cart Challenge.


Johnlyn ~ Frugality and Homemaking said...

Our Safeway ad will be delivered today so I'll have to see if we have the same kind of deals you have.

Thanks for the information!

Ann said...

Wow you got some great deals! Nothing like free stuff!

StaceyN said...

Our local grocery store has a once-a-week freebie. Sometimes it's a really good one, like this week's: a free $4 package of Johnsonville Italian sausage! Only problem is that the coupons are only valid Friday through Sunday, and my in-town day is Wednesday, due to the kids' piano lessons(I live over 20 miles from a town). Sigh. Oh, well, I guess we'll just have to grow more food around here since we can't take advantage of all the deals.

momma-lana said...

Awww, just ignore the impatient toe tappers! I don't look at the people behind me if I can.

Andrea said...

Never make eye contact with the people behind you...and never feel like you have to apologize for the wait. Besides, you'll never see those people again! :-)

Good for you!

Christine said...

I ignore the impatient people behind me until the very end... and then I share what I saved. :) They always understand at that point and it's fun to share what I accomplished.