Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Will You Be My FRUGAL Valentine?

I bet if you asked most people, they’d tell you that Valentine’s Day isn’t really about the bling. The commercials will tell you it is, but really it’s more about appreciation. It’s about reminding the people in your life that they are important to you, that you’re glad they are there, that the history you share makes your life richer. In fact, I think bling is the easy way out. It takes much more effort and thought to remember all the reasons you like someone and to write it in a note than it does to buy something flashy off the pre-arranged holiday shelves at the local store. So guys, you’re off the hook. You can tuck your wallets back into your back pockets. This year try a gift from the heart. And if you still want to buy us something shiny too, well, we sure won’t turn it down.
  • For a spouse: Try and remember the first days you met. What drew you to him or her? What was it that made you fall in love? Now write it down and dig up a few pictures from that era to look through with your partner. For your kids: Write down all the good qualities you see in them and how pleased you are with who they are becoming.
  • No need for an expensive dinner out. Go out for a sweet dessert instead. It’s all of the ambiance at half the price and you can still dress up if you want to. No one needs to know that you didn’t just come from a fancy night out.
  • Why get roses? How about something that lasts a little longer. If your sweetie has a favorite plant or flower, get one that they can actually put into the ground and can last awhile. Every time they see it they’ll think of you.
  • Catch a free concert and hold hands all the way through. Check with local coffee shops or colleges to see if any live music is playing.
  • Is your life pretty stressful? Than set aside some time to relax.Chris and I are gluttons for old book stores.We both love to read and dig through the bargain books for hidden treasures.An afternoon in a quiet bookstore for us means hours of bliss, quiet and calm.We always walk out relaxed and with smiles on our faces.
  • Offer a day off! Cash in on a personal day at your job and do something relaxing. Take over for a tired mom. Watch the kids, do all the cooking, catch up on the laundry and send your spouse out for a pedicure.
  • Relive those private rituals. Remember those cute things early in your relationship that have become private memories? Remind each other of them. Recreate them. Reminisce.

The most memorable Valentine’s gift is one that takes a step out of the ordinary, that requires effort and remembrance, not necessarily a lot of cash. So this year try a little more heart and a little less flash and I believe your sweetheart will thank you for it.


Brianschef said...

Valentine's Day is my husbands birthday, we "celebrate" by adding one percent more of income to our savings(as we do my birthday on New Years and our anniversary), and we set the "new" budget for the year. It is a wonderful day for us both.

Tracy said...

My husband and I do not buy each other gifts unless we do not have any credit card debt. I heard on the news this morning that women tend to say "don't get me anything for Valentine's day," but the newscaster said they don't really mean it. My husband learned early in our relationship, that I do mean it. I would much rather spend quality time together than get a gift that causes us to go further in debt.
We will most likely have a home cooked meal together and watch a Netflix movie. Brianschef certainly gives us something to aspire to when we no longer have to make credit card payments later this year!