Thursday, March 17, 2011

GCC Recipe Swap

This week is the recipe that saves me the most money. Being self employed means that going to the doctor is full price. It's something we avoid if we can, and there are times where we just have to do it and worry about the cost later. But before we bite the bullet we have a few tricks up our sleeve that we try first. I'm not a big fan of antibiotics. In my experience with my own kids and working in the medical field for several years, I've found that doctors tend to use antibiotics to rule things out just as much as they use them to treat something they've diagnosed. That means there are a whole lot of antibiotics going into peoples systems just to "see" if it works. I don't like that. When we overuse antibiotics our bodies get used to them and they start to not work when we really need them. Plus, sure it kills the bad stuff, but it also wipes out most of the good stuff that we need to balance out our systems. Then we're left with yeast infections, imbalanced intestinal tracts and host of other uncomfortable and inconvenient stuff. But garlic is a great first try when you feel a cold or infection coming on. It's a natural antibiotic and has all kinds of health benefits while killing bacteria and building your immune system. So here's is our first step in the fights against sickness. I hope it helps you too.

Garlic Tea

3 cups water

3 cloves garlic
1/2 cup raw unpasteurized honey

1/2 cup fresh lemon juice (1 large lemon)

Put water in a pan. Cut garlic in half and add to water. Bring to a boil. When water is boiling turn off heat and add honey (use raw because once it's pasteurized it loses much of it's health benefits) and fresh lemon juice. Stir until honey is dissolved and then strain out the chunks of garlic. Drink 1/2 cup of warm tea 3 times a day until feeling better or symptoms are gone. Store extra in fridge for later use. The garlic fights germs and bacteria and also builds immunity, the honey helps with cough and the the lemon juice adds to immune system functions.

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DarcyLee said...

We are also self-employed so we do what we can at home to take care of sickness. I'm totally with you on the antibiotics, which from what I understand are for bacterial problems not viruses like colds, even though doctors give antibiotics for viruses too. I love home remedies, too and will keep this one in my file.

e-Mom said...

Great post! Garlic capsules are always my first line of defense against bacterial infections. It's anti-viral and anti-fungal too. A terrific all purpose herb.

Donna's Daze said...

I'll have to try this recipe to see if it works. I hate going to the doctor or using over the counter meds willy nilly.

Carla and Michael said...

UGH! That really does sound terrible, even as much as I love my garlic. What types of "symtoms" do you use this for?

Spendwisemom said...

Sorry. I wasn't paying attention when I linked my grocery list instead of a recipe.

Wendy said...

Thanks! I think I am gonna try this one!!!

Amy said...

I'm trying this one this week. I caught DH & the boys' chest cold - which usually means an automatic doctor visit at some point.

Although I forgot I was only supposed to drink HALF a cup! I've been drinking a whole cupful!

And actually, it doesn't taste half-bad!

Ms. Alicia said...

I have a question, my youngest son is allergic to Lemon and there anything else I could use???? We also pay full price ;(