Monday, March 14, 2011

GCC Shopping Round Up

I hit the store today and I'm so proud of myself. I remembered my reusable shopping bags! It seems I always forget but today I packed them all into the car, got my discount at check out and boy, are they so much easier to carry with those handles. I'm hoping I can get into the habit. Since we have the unused ham leftover from last week and some frozen turkey meat leftover from a few weeks ago, I based our menu around that. Which means we really didn't need much this week. Here's what we got.


2 cans kidney beans $1.16
2 organic veggie broth $4.08
1 gallon milk $2.28
tomatoes $1.70
bulk chocolate chips $2.12
bulk popcorn $2.35
can olives $.98
butte $2.98
bananas $1.54
soft taco shells $4.62
frozen green beans $.98
2 tubs yogurt $3.36
cheddar cheese $4.48
peppermint extract $4.00
Bulk white chocolate chips $2.25
bulk pasta shells $.34

Grand Total $38.24 (-.24 for BYOBags)

The money that we saved this week will get tacked on to the budget for next week.

Would you like to show and tell about your shopping trip? Please link directly to your own post, not your homepage, and please include a link back here to the Grocery Cart Challenge.


Char said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that this is such an inspiration! I've been working my way down to budgeting like this and it is GREAT to see it in action! Thanks for the inspiration!

Laura said...

I used to struggle to remember my reusable bags too. I would always hang them on the coat rack next to the door. Then I would walk right past them on the way to the car! Now I put them in the car as soon as I'm done unpacking the groceries. That way they're already there for the next time.

Karen said...

I didn't have much luck remembering, even with my reusable bags in the car! I finally bought some ChicoBags and carry a few in my small purse. I keep the extras in the car between the front seats and I haven't forgotten yet! Love how easy they are to fill, carry, and fold! (Sorry, that sounds like an ad!)

Anonymous said...

All the grocery stores around here have started charging 5 cents for a bag. It's great motivation to remember to bring your own. I try to leave at least a couple in the car at all times so I won't forget and get caught out.

karen said...

I keep all my re-usabe bags in the trunk of my car. And I have enough for two sets. Since my hubby NEVER remembers to put them out there himself, it's important that we have a lot. After unloading groceries, the bags go by the front door and next time I go out, I put them back in the car.

Dede said...

Love reading your blog :)

PigPennies said...

I just wrote about saving a bulk popcorn purchase for next month so as not to break the budget - can I ask where you bought bulk popcorn for only $2.35? I found a big tub at Costco for almost $11. I still thought this was cheap compared with the microwavable bags, but it was too expensive to make the cut this month.

Life Goes On said...

I am still amazed at how you can feed your family on the budget you give your self. $60.00 a week for a family of six. That is what we spend for a family of 2.
We do not have a Winn Dixie and I do not think I can buy pasta in bulk. I will have to look at the bulk area closer.
Thanks for the linky