Wednesday, March 30, 2011

GCC Shopping Round Up

I have to admit, being self employed (both my husband and I) has it's perks. I love going to work in my jammies at 10pm. I love that my hubby has a schedule flexible enough to help me get kids to practices, lessons and classes and he gets to be at every meeting, game, and recital. I love that if we get a bee in our bonnet and decide to load up the car and head to the beach for a few days we don't have to ask our boss for time off.

But what I dislike the most is the fact that, for my kind of self employment, I have to wait for the people that hired me to actually pay me. I don't get to count on getting paid every Friday or that on the 1st and 15th of every month my paycheck will magically appear. I miss that part just a little bit. Especially this week. Which is why I had to grocery shop on a different day. But the good news is I finally got to shop. So here's what I gathered this week.

Dollar Tree

3 boxes of freezer bags
tin foil
2 liquid soaps
3 packs of toothbrushes

Total $11.00


Bananas $2.16
Apples $2.59
Parsley $.48
3 cans tomato soup $1.50
Tangerines $2.98
red onion $.56
Green enchilada sauce $1.78
celery $1.26
mayo $2.68
tomato juice $2.28
salsa $3.98
refried beans $.88
1lb ground turkey $2.38
diced tomatoes $.58
4 cans tuna $1.92
bulk navy beans $1.64
2 gallons milk $4.76
bulk garlic salt $.95
honey $7.55
soymilk $2.28
TP $5.48

Grand Total $61.67

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1 comment:

{ MELBOURNE ROAD } said...

getting paid on someone elses time would be frustrating...
we have a Winco now in Olympia...need to be making me a once a month trip when I go to Costco.
Is the hamburger very cheap there?

great job on the buying!!