Tuesday, April 19, 2011

GCC Shopping Round Up

So, I normally buy 5 dozen eggs at a time but this week, due to Easter deals, it was cheaper to buy four 1-dozen cartons than my regular 5 pack. Also strawberries were on a super deal this week.

Here's what I got...


2 graham cracker crusts $2.24
marshmallows $.98
whipping cream $2.86
hot chocolate mix $2.11
4 cartons of strawberries $4.72
bananas $1.15
chicken breasts $5.98
pears $2.13
green onions $.48
Broccoli $1.66
teriyaki sauce $1.22
soy sauce $1.98
strawberry jello $.38
brown sugar $1.29
eye of round steak $11.46
drumsticks $3.84
4 dozen eggs $4.32
cream cheese $1.25
2 packs of butter $4.96
angel hair pasta $2.12

Grand Total $57.13

Would you like to tell us about your shopping trip? Please link directly to your post, not your homepage, and please include a link back here to the Grocery Cart Challenge.

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Anonymous said...

Julie @ Coupon 4 Savings

I Spent $67 and Saved $92 this week