Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Homemade Dog Food

When we run out of a grocery item, I've trained the family to go to a list I keep hanging on the fridge and add the item. It only took me approximately five years to get everyone to agree to do it and it works really well for us. But it seems that one item slipped through the cracks this week and that was dog food. When I got up this morning to feed and water our two dogs, I opened the food bucket and found only crumbs. I needed a quick fix because even though I love my dogs, I'm not willing to be a pajama-wearing-statistic at Wal-mart and rush down this morning for food. So I got online and found a homemade dog food recipe and I'm happy to report that I have full happy dogs right now. They love me!

It actually smelled really good and if I hadn't already classified it as "dog food" in my head, I may have tried a bite. So if you want to try a healthier dog food alternative, both Lady and Tucker recommend this one.

(I subbed all the meat for 4 eggs and some leftover lentils and turkey that was stashed in my freezer)


{ MELBOURNE ROAD } said...

this looks great!
When I am in a pinch I give oatmeal or brown rice with raw egg. they love it!

Pounds 4 Pennies said...

I would have to agree with you on the "trying" it part. It is hard to eat something once you have defined it as something else in your head. Glad the dogs liked it!

Frugal MommaB said...

Good recipe to have just in case. You are very creative :)

Roxie700 said...

I cook dog food for our dogs all the time. It is cheaper that the dog food our vet wants our old dog to eat.
My recipe is about the same as yours except I usually use all chicken. I get it for about .60 a pound. I cook it in a pressure cooker.
I use sweet potato,oatmeal,squash from our garden.
Twice a week I feed the dogs chicken livers, gizards, and heart. The organ meat is very good for the girls. (my dogs are 'the grils)

butterfly wishes wonderland dreams said...

we've done brown rice cooked in broth with ground turkey before in a pinch.