Sunday, April 10, 2011

Menu Monday

Ahhh Monday. It's back to school for us after a two week spring break. I keep forgetting why I don't take much of a summer and spring break from homeschooling. Nothing like four bored kids to remind you. They were so bored and ornery that by the end of the week I found them around the kitchen table working on school of their own accord. It was a nice break for me in the sense that I could ignore school prep for a few weeks but the kids missed it. Go figure!

I've also been hearing lot's of "suggestions" about menu changes from the kids. Seems they weren't impressed with my fancy french dishes last week and they are wanting more kid friendly meals. You asked for it! This week it's nothing BUT kid food. I plan on gaining 10 pounds.

Breakfasts: (choice of)

Freezer muffins or french toast, yogurt and fruit smoothies, eggs


Baked Mac and Cheese, Fruit salad, Peas
Polish Appetizer over rice with salad
Sloppy Joe's, tater tots
Grilled cheese and veggies with dip
Leftover Buffet

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