Monday, April 25, 2011

Menu Monday

The Easter bellyache has passed this morning. We all stuffed ourselves at dinner the night before. My mother in law sent me home with the ham bones after dinner yesterday so we'll be whipping up some soup in the crockpot today. Soup might seem crazy during this season....unless you live in Washington State where it is cold and rainy today. So, cozy food is still on the menu for us. I don't have a recipe for the soup so I'm just winging it with the veggies, beans and pasta I have in the cupboard. Here's what's cooking this week at our house...


Fruit and yogurt smoothies and/or freezer muffins


Ham Bone Soup with homemade bread
Funky Chicken Sesame Noodles (carried over from last week)
French Toast Night!
Amish Baked Noodles with Ham
Grilled Turkey, tomato and swiss with veggies and dip
Leftover Night!


Emma @ She Got Married said...

I'm in Massachusetts, and cozy food is always on our menu. Chili is year round for me :) Have a great week!

Annie said...

I'm right there with you on the cozy food! Here in NW Ohio, we've had dreary rain for 5 out of the last 8 days, and at least 3 more to come. It's hard to think light/fresh spring foods when it's grey and 50.

Hope your weather improves!

Carrie said...

It's cold and rainy here in Ohio too...great soup day...Enjoy!