Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Nutella Tree?

This is my Nutella tree. Well, ok. It's a hazelnut tree that my sister dug up for me from their own property so I could have one of my very own. But, I see a huge Nutella supply in my future.

And she also gave me some zebra grass that I intend to plant in front of a really ugly cement block wall outside my master bedroom patio. Hopefully it will camouflage it.

It's a beautiful day here in Washington state and all my obligations are filled for the day. So I've slipped on some shorts and I'm headed out into the backyard to get the garden ready to plant and soak up some sun.

Ahhhh. Bliss.


Emily said...

What does Nutella taste like? I have never tried it. Is it better than peanut butter?

Gayle said...

Nutella is chocolate hazelnut butter. It's SO good but super expensive.

Annie said...

Jealous! I'm so wanting to put hazelnuts in my yard... maybe next year. BTW - I ate my weight in Nutella when we lived in France.

Perri said...

Nutella tastes like heaven. It's that simple.